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Driffield Tophill Low, Class 2 and 3 visit.

Yesterday, Class 2 and 3 visited Driffield Tophill Low Nature Reserve, thankfully the weather turned out okay and we had a fantastic time. Collecting pond samples and analysing the data, exploring the nature trail and mini beasts hotel.


EYFS Spinners

Today EYFS were read a story about the wind and in the story it mentioned sycamore seeds falling.  To follow-up from this the children made spinners that fall like sycamore seeds.  They enjoyed making them and testing their creations in school.

Football Awards

There were some football awards for the Year 3/4 tournament and from Hull City coaching.  It is great to see lots of different pupils doing well at football.  Well done to all of them.

Air Resistance in Class 3

Class 3 investigated air resistance.  They ran up and down the hall with sheets of paper to feel the air resistance as they moved.  Next they completed an investigation into spinners and what effected the rate of fall.  Finally, they tried to make a balloon more aerodynamic by designing cones or wings to make it fly down a string as far as possible. The all enjoyed the activities and learnt about a fair test and variables.  Well done Class 3.

Dogs Trust Visit to Class 1

We really enjoyed our visit from the Dogs Trust last week. We were involved in different role play scenarios which helped us to learn how to be safe around dogs of all shapes and sizes. Thank you Dogs Trust for also teaching us how to respect our furry friends.


Another busy day and night. Yesterday we had ‘low ropes’ which involves loads of team work and cooperation. The children were excellent! Then it was time for abseiling and we were ‘abseil’lutely up for coming down! (Typical cringy catch phrase). Again, the children were fantastic. So proud of them all. Evening entertainment was the disco. Some enthusiastic dancing followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows. Amazing time with great children.


The final activity of yesterday was ‘campfire’ where we sang silly sings, told funny jokes and toasted marshmallows. We all thoroughly enjoyed our first day – yippee!

A mega breakfast to get us through the full day of activities. Problem solving was first and scaling over an 8 foot way! Loads of team work and support. There were lots of challenges: mental and physical. Really good fun. After this it was time for archery. All the children did really well and hit the target – some even scored bullseyes! Well done to all. Lunch time next …… Jacket spuds or pasta with loads of accessories – yummy!

Cycling Day

Today we had an ex-Olympic cyclist Phil Bateman in to teach the children bike skills.  All the children enjoyed the actives which involved slalom, ramps, limbo and racing.  It was a super day for enjoyment and good weather.  Well done to all the children for doing so well.

Year 5/6 Residential

The Year 5 and 6 of Paull Primary arrived safely at Kingswood and first job was to have lunch.  This was followed by Lazer Quest and Aeroball.  The laser zone was great fun: dark and eerie and hot.
Then outdoors to cool off and onto the ‘netball on a trampoline’ activity.  Both activities were really good fun.  We were then taken on a guided tour before having tea: lasagne or pasta and garlic bread and salad and fruit and ice cream! Plenty of food and choice.  Next activity is camp fire – hopefully we will get to toast marsh mallows.  A great start to our residential.

Class 2 Big Writes

Today Class 2 completed their Big Writes in English, working on acrostic poems based on ‘The Lost Words’. Children chose a creature or flower to base their poems on, we then design some beautiful backgrounds to present our work.
The class worked so hard today, with some incredible outcomes.

Fantastic work Class 2. 

Class 1 Star Awards

Class 1 have been busy doing their optional SATs and assessments.  All the children have worked very hard and tried to achieve their very best.  Awards were given to those children who had super scores or made good progress.  These were Alfie Me, Alfie Mo, Izobel, Ellis, Alice, Oliver, and Sidney.  A super effort made by whole class!


Forest Schools

On Friday Class 1 took part in a Mini beast Hunt. The children were put into mixed aged teams. Each team had a team leader, it was their responsibility to organise their teams. Each team were given a sheet and they had to tick off each mini beast they found. The children enjoyed digging, looking under rocks and stones for the mini beasts. .

Star awards in class 2

This weeks star awards went to: Sophia; for working so hard in every lesson and putting in 100%, Kai received his award for contributing some brilliant ideas within English, Ezmie created 2 wonderful acrostic poems based on the spells from ‘The Lost Words’ she then read these beautifully to the rest of the class and Eve received her award for her hard work in maths- flying through the questions and moving onto extensions!

Well done Class 2! Great work.

Golden time.

This week for golden time, as it was such a nice afternoon, we took the children outside for different activities and to play with some bubbles- who knew bubbles could be so much fun?!

Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Paull attended this year’s Year 3/4 football tournament.  They did exceptionally well finishing joint second in their group winning 1 and drawing 3 games.  They had a penalty shoot out with Inmans Primary, however unfortunately just missed a chance to go into the third/fourth play-off game.  There were some great performances by all the children.  A big thank you goes to parents, the young sports leaders and South Holderness staff for helping put on a great event.  Maybe next year we’ll be back in the final.  Well done.


Awards for April 2019

The monthly awards for April 2019 were given to Zac, Ruby, Ethan, Tyler, Ezmie, Charlotte, Lucie, Kaleesi and Drew.  Awards were also give for the Year 5/6 football tournament for Erin and Shaun.  A big well to them all for their efforts.

Art in Class 3

Following their work on animal adaptation Class 3 enjoyed painting animal silhouettes 🙂

Class 1 Fairy Garden

During this half term the children have been busy preparing to create a fairy garden in their Forest Schools session. Today the children did the most exiting part and finished the garden ready for the fairies. The children have used fairies, unicorns and dragons, tiny lamp posts, post boxes, bridges, steps and fairy doors. I am sure your children will agree that this has been a magical activity. Hopefully now we have fairies at Paull we might get some sunshine.

Class 2 Science.

In science we have been making pop up books, yesterdays lesson we learnt about invertebrates- the children discovered that invertebrates make up more than 95% of the worlds animals. We then went on a Bug hunt to see which invertebrates the children could find within the school grounds. We found some woodlice which the class were able to identify as a type of land living crustacean. We then created the next page of our books, based on invertebrates, including a wheel to identify different categories of invertebrate.

Science in Class 1 (Animals)

In science this week we were learning about the different ways that we classify animals. The children worked together in small groups and carried out research upon the different animal categories. They then presented their findings to the rest of the class and were able to teach each other about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.  The children thoroughly enjoyed assuming the role of ‘teachers’ for the afternoon and sharing a number of interesting facts with each other. Well done class 1 on a fantastic science lesson.

Football Club

Football club has a good take up this year.  The children have been learning different ball skills before playing a match.  Hopefully, some of the skills learnt in the club and in PE lessons will be used at our next football tournament.


Yesterday some of the children took part in the annual orienteering event at Burton Constable.We entered 4 teams. The children were given a map and a fob.The children had to follow the maps and check in at at each check in point with their fobs. The children all had a great time running around and getting lost. Well done to Erin and Drew who completed the course in 11 minutes. Results 5th overall and Erin 9th individually, super results for the smallest school!

Class 3 Fundraising for Residential

  Today was Fact and Fiction Day for the whole school:) Year 5 and 6 had wet sponges thrown at them to raise money for their residential trip.

Freddie Fit Awards

Freddie fit awards have been given out for efforts in setting up games. It was nice to see these children involved in the activities and hopefully there will do lots more.  Well done Holly, Maddie, Jasmine and Emelia!

Freddie Fit in Class 1

The children were very excited to have Freddie Fit come and join us in school on Monday. They joined in with a number of different activities to practise different skills that they have learned. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and Freddie was pleased to see the amount of progress the children have made. Freddie awarded some of children with medals for their positive contribution to the day.


Year 5/6 Football Tournament

Paull attended the Year 5/6 football tournament with a very young team.  They played four, lost two and drew two finishing third in their group.  All the team played exceptionally well and six of them eligible for the Year 3/4 tournament.  A thoroughly great tournament played in a positive way, good refereeing and good football.  A big thank you goes to the South Holderness staff for putting it on, the help of their young leaders, parents for transporting the pupils and our office staff making sure we had our best team available.  Looking forward to the next one.  Well done to all the players involved.

Multi Phase Art

On Friday the children were put into mixed groups and they all took part in different art activities. The theme this term is Fiction and Non Fiction. The artwork was based on this theme. The children made dragons, unicorns and animal collage pictures.

Class 3 Star Awards

Star awards in Class 3:
Ruby and Shaun received the award for helping others in maths 🙂 Jasmine H and Ethan received the awards for writing a fantastic newspaper report. Well done 🙂

St Andrew’s Church Art Trail

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed their art trail at St Andrew’s Church this week. The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the history of the church 🙂

Freddie Fit Awards

Four Feddie Fit awards were given out for being active during lunchtime and playtimes.  These were given to Jasmine, Olivia, Ellis and Mason.  It is good to see the children being active and practising new skills.  Well done.

Summer is here!

Class 1 will be busy this summer with lots of activities including a visit to William’s Den, Sports Day and Forest schools.  Year 2 will be doing Optional Sats and Year 1 phonic testing.  A copy of our medium term plan is available to see what we are planning.  This week has been busy doing Key Stage 1 final spelling tests, making masks and writing instructions, starting to make tally charts and graphs, playing games and following instructions and starting some super animal artwork.  Debutots have also been in doing physical literacy and role-play.  Any questions please speak to any of the class 1 staff.  Let’s hope the summer weather will continue all term!

More Class 2 play photographs and a review.

Today Class 2 did a fantastic play based on WW2. I really enjoyed it. It was that good that some of the children’s parents started crying! They put a lot of effort in.They all knew there lines and said them loud and clear. They all sang fantastic and remember all there lines and songs.  They all had big smiles and they were all so confident.

Thanks to:

Miss Swatman, Mrs Threlfall and Miss Thompson for organising it.

By Maddie and Emelia Class 3 Year 4.

Class 3 DT

After what has seemed months and months, Class 3 have finally finished their DT vehicles. It has been a tough project and the children have faced many difficulties. They have been resolute in their determination and solved the problems.It has been great to see the children supporting and helping each other out to overcome problems. All the children have made a working model – well done to all.

Here are some photos of the vehicles.

Easter Church Service

On Thursday 4th April all the children walked to St Andrew’s Church in Paull. The Easter Service was lead by Rev. Sue Pulko. The children sang really well and the children in Class 3 retold the Easter Story clearly and confidently. Well done to all the children. Rev. Sue commented on how well the children sang. Easter wishes to all.

Easter Art and Cooking in Class 1

Class 1 made Easter cards and crispy chocolate nests.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and produced some super cards and chocolate nests.  Happy Easter!

Class 1 Star Awards

A number of children received Star Awards for the Spring Term spelling Results.  A fantastic effort for all those children who received full marks or made excellent progress.  In the summer term the children will be tested on all the Year 1 or Year 2 high frequency words, another big challenge!


End of Term Assembly

Many thanks to all the parents and family members who turned up for our End of Term Assembly.  It was great to see so many! The assembly really celebrated how much the children had learnt about World War II.  Class 1 sang When You’re a Kid in World War II beautifully. Class 2 sang We’ll Meet Again clearly and emotionally. Class 3 showed off their IT skills with Powerpoints on The Blitz. The end of the assembly showcased the children’s singing with A Million Dreams, which was choreographed by Maddie, Emelia and Holly. Huge well done to them for arranging it so well.

Egg Roll and Egg Decorating

Well done to all the children who took part int he Egg Roll and Egg Decorating.  The winners of each in all the year groups were given an Easter Egg by Friends of Paull School (FOPS). Here are some of photos of the winners.  Well done to all the children for taking part.

Class Two Spring Play.

Yesterday Class two had two performances of their long awaited Spring play. Both performances were absolutely brilliant, with some real stars singing beautifully.

Big thank you to all the staff involved in putting this together, Mrs T and Miss Thompson were brilliant in helping to dress and choreograph the children. With all of the class putting so much effort in, Well done class 2!

Class 1 Activities.

Today Class 1 did their egg roll and prizes were presented to the children who rolled the furthest and best decorated.  A number of awards were also given for poetry, with Alice winning Oleg for an excellent poem about her Meerkat.  Finally there a few picture of our activities to find rhyming words and some of our artwork for peace symbols.

Class 3 Golf

On Wednesday we had Ivan the Golf Coach come in to school.
We did lots of different fun activities, whilst learning how to ‘putt’ and ‘drive’.

Hopefully we can do some more golf in school.

Class 3 Boot Camp

On Thursday we had a Boot Camp in school.

It was great fun but very tiring.

The boxing was just as popular as the ‘rest station’.

Well done to all Class 3 for their enthusiastic and spirited energy.

DT in Class 3

We have been working really hard on our vehicles in DT.

It has been tricky to get the motors in line with the pulley wheels to make the axles turn.

We have persevered throughout the many challenges and have all our vehicles now working.

Only have the body work to do and Mr Rowe has said that it the hardest part!

Class 2 star awards.

This week we have been doing a lot of play practise, the children have been working really hard getting it ready to show next week! Holly and Summer in particular have been giving 100% within every performance.

Ethan has been awarded a Star Award for trying really hard in his practise Reading paper and showing just how much progress he has made this term. Joshua was awarded his star award for the effort in his maths paper.

Well done class 2, keep up the hard work!!

Boot Camp

The whole school took part in a boot camp circuit training.  We were lucky to have a lovely day and it took place on the school field.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were exhausted at the end.   Fitness testing tomorrow to see who has improved.

Star Awards in Class 1

There were lots of star awards given for good test scores and good progress with reading and maths.  Well done to Jorgie, Summer, Reuben, Zac, Izobel, Beck and Ruby-Jo.

EYFS – A busy morning

EYFS had a busy morning, we talked about our favourite teddies and reception drew pictures and wrote a sentence about why they are so special. We had lots of fun examining patterns using coloured clips and looking at number formation using whiteboards!

Science in Class 1 – Reflection

In Science this week we have been exploring light and reflections. We used mirrors and reflections to help us complete symmetrical pictures, which was really tricky and then we used a mirror to reflect a torch beam onto a target on the wall!

RE in Class 1

In RE on Thursday we were looking at different ways that people of faith can show their beliefs through the clothes they wear. We looked at Hinduism and Sari’s and tried some Sari’s on before designing an outfit that represents what we believe. There were some really great designs centres around showing our families that we love them, looking after the planet and taking care of animals.

Poetry in Class 1

Class 1 have started to write poems about their favourite Teddy.  Today they brought them in and, shared and wrote some facts about them.  They were all very excited and tomorrow we are going to learning about rhyming words for our poems.


Class 3 Golden Time

We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a bottle and the balloon filled with carbon dioxide gas 🙂

By Class 3

Forest Schools

In today’s Forest Schools session we began by looking at animal habitats. We brain stormed animal  habitats. From our ideas we decided to further explore nests. We found out by research on the I pads that it is not just birds that live in nests but in fact lots of other animals. We found out what materials can be used to build a nest and what techniques. We all went outside to gather natural materials of our own to build a nest. We made a giant birds nest and Scarlett and Lola were our class chicks who tried out the nest.

Art & Maths in Class 1

Today the children have been making artwork link to peace symbols.  Maths learning for Year 2 has been the measurement of mass (weight) and using scales (balances) to measure it in grams.  Year 1 have continued their learning and understanding of number to 40.  A very productive day.

Class 1 Poetry

Next week class 1 will be writing poems based on the poem ‘My Favourite Thing’ by Lynn Redgrave.  They can bring in a soft toy on Monday to base their poem on.  We will be writing the poems throughout the week about these toys.  They should only need them for Monday as we will take photographs to stick in our books.  Any questions please ask Mr Watson or Class 1 staff.

Awards for February 2019

The monthly awards for February 2019 were:

Reading – Tye, Holly and Luice.

Writer – Logan, Alfie and Eve.

Maths – Ethan, Kaylah and Kaleesi.

There was also a special Freddie Fit award for Oliver for being active at playtimes.

Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day at Paull 

 Each of the classes created a poem about Red Nose Day. The children had to work together and use their creative skills.  

Each class also took part in a Red Nose Hunt. It was great to see all the children running about hunting for the noses. Mr Rowe had hidden them in all kinds of places – some more obvious than others.

Well done to all the hunters!

 All the children also took part in a 20 minute Dance-A-Thon. They boogied, bounced and flossed. Well done to all the little shakers and movers.  


PE in Class 1

Mrs Lessells, our student teacher, has been supporting and teaching class 1.  She taught a super PE lesson thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.  They learnt some good ball skills and played different games.

Star Awards

More star awards in Class 1 for Ellis, Gabrielus and Mason.  It is nice to see children from FS1, FS2 and Year 1 all getting awards.  Some super effort by all three, keep up the hard work.

Class 1 – Busy Day

A busy day in Class 1.  Jade was in again from the pre-school alliance with dance and craft activities.  The whole class made shadow puppets and Key Stage 1 carried out an investigation into the size of the shadows.  A very productive day.

Star Awards in Class 1

Class 1 had a very productive day on Friday with their Big Writes and Big Maths.  Some children worked hard and finished the Big Maths Clics, others worked hard with their Big Writes, particularly with the presentation of their work and received Star Awards for their efforts. A day to be proud for Class 1.  Well done to all of them.

Golden Time in Class 3

Class 3 have enjoyed making volcanoes with lemons and bicarbonate of soda.

World Book Day

World Book Day saw the children and staff arrive in some super costumes.  We had some lucky winners who received book vouchers from SAAF Education.  It was a fun day with the staff reading their favourite children’s books.

Star Awards in Class 1

There were five star awards in class 1 for improved reading, writing, maths and overall effort.  Well done to those individuals.


Get Glowing with Class Two.

This morning Class 2 had a very exciting morning at Aldborough Sports hall, working with 5 other schools on different ‘glowing’ games. The event was a little bit lighter than we expected but we all still had a fantastic time. There were some very exciting and imaginative outfits that caught the eyes of numerous staff, well done class two!  

Science in Class 1

Class 1 have been investigating the absence of light when observing objects.  They did an investigation using a shoe box as a dark room and placed objects inside.  They had to guess what the object was without light and then shine a torch on the object to see the difference.  Key Stage 1 children recorded their investigation and observations. FS just had to guess and will have a further opportunity during the week to use the shoe boxes and torches.  A super activity enjoyed by the children.

DT in Class 3

Class 3 have started making their World War II vehicles.

The first part of the project was to make a sturdy frame.

The children used tools to measure and cut the wood before sticking it together with ‘jinx’ corners to make a jinx frame.

Next steps are to attach the axles and wheels to the frame.

With the frames complete and the children waiting for the glue to dry, the class investigated different axles they could use on their vehicles.

The children used a variety of equipment and tools for the investigation.

Some ideas worked better than others and the class were able to see and point out why different ideas worked better.

Well done to Class 3 for finding different solutions to having wheels that turn with an axle and a frame.

Our next steps are to attach the motors to the axles for the wheels to be powered by batteries.

Golden time in Class 3

Class 3 enjoyed making squishies from flour and balloons during their Golden time 🙂

Forest Schools

This afternoon all the children have taken part in a Forest Schools session. We made a fire in the fire pit. All the children were told about fire safety. The children were taught about the fire square and what 4 things we need to have a fire. Heat, oxygen, fuel and water. Then each child had the chance to roast a marshmallow over the fire pit. The children really enjoyed Forest Schools today.


Art Club.

This week was the first Art Club for Class 1, we created our own scratch artwork with some lovely results.

We started by colouring in the paper, making it as bright and colourful as we could using oil pastels, we then covered the paper with black paint and scratched our pictures into this.

Class 1

Today the children have been writing character descriptions and coming up with the descriptive words to make them interesting.  In maths Year 1 and FS have been making rulers to measure objects.  The children have been working hard and producing some good work.

Ruby Club

Rugby club has started on Tuesday evenings.  Please support these sports clubs by encouraging you children to join.  They are free, open to all children from Year 1 to 5, coach by qualified sports coaches and really enjoyable.  The first session went well and I’ve had some positive reviews by the children.  There are still five weeks for pupils to attend.


Maths with Year 1 and FS2

Reception and year one went outside to explore the different ways we can measure objects. We used our hands and feet to measure things in the playground and recorded our results on whiteboards.  It was a great activity to do outside in the sunshine!

Fractions in Class 2

Today we introduced the class to fractions, using smarties we looked at the part- whole model.

We learned that the denominator is the bottom number and represent the total, and the numerator is the top number and relates to the fraction in question.

We were then able to eat the smarties and compare how our fraction had now changed, this was lots of fun!

Class 1 Star Awards

There were star awards for Ellis and Summer for super efforts in literacy.  Well done to both and keep up the hard work.


The children in the Early Years have shown an interest in the police force. We have made a police station/prison cell in class 1. Yesterday the children were lucky enough to look around a replica prison cell, brought in to school by Prison Me No Way. All the children agreed that they much preferred being police officers rather than prisoners.

Star Awards in Class 1

Star Awards in Class 1 have gone to some good spellers and for super behaviour and effort.  These are Oliver, Sidney, Kaleesi, Halle, Ruby-Jo, Jorgie and Zak.  Super effort from Class 1 and especially from these pupils for top marks.

Cricket festival with year 3.

Yesterday, Year 3 took part in a cricket festival at Holderness Academy, run by All Stars. There were a number of stations with different activities on each, working with 3 other school. The children had a fantastic time and worked well in teams getting to know other children.

Class 1 at work

Class 1 have had yet another busy day.  The whole class have been measuring length.  Foundation Stage (FS) were looking at their heights and comparing different lengths, then shorting them into sizes.  Year 1 were measuring objects using bricks and Year 2 were measuring in centimetres using rulers.  FS had a play and stay, with a couple of parents able to join in the creative activities.  Key Stage 1 did a science investigation into different materials that reduced the volume of sounds.  Finally, the children had their evacuee pictures taken with their name tag, suitcase and gas mask box.  A very busy but enjoyable day!

Star Awards in Class 2.

This weeks Star Awards went to: Evie for trying hard in her reading paper and showing such a massive improvement, Fantastic Evie, well done! Our second award went to Kaylah for having a great attitude within lessons, this full week she has tried so hard, helping others and staying positive. Well done girls. 

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