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Welcome to the Blog Page

Santa visit.

This week in Class Two we have been creating letters to Santa and today after completing our Big Writes we had a visit from the man himself.

Golden Time in Class Two.

 Golden Time this week was spent making Kevin the Carrot hot chocolate and decorating buns. We loved it and have created some yummy treats!

Christmas decorations in Class Two.

 Yesterday and today Class Two created their own salt dough decorations, working in groups to create the decorations from scratch. From measuring and mixing the ingredients to sharing the mixture the class worked well showing team work and cooperation. After baking the decorations overnight we were able to paint and decorate our creations this afternoon.

Christmas Tree

Thanks to the Year 6 for decorating the Christmas Tree. Lovely team work in the construction and creation. Well done Mrs T and Year 6!


Last week the children went to the Village Hall and watched Chapin’s  version of Cinderella. It was great to see the children fully amazed and engaged in the performance. Thanks to FOPS for organising and funding the treat.

St Andrews Day

The school walked together very sensibly up to St Andrew’s Church to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. The children were able to recall facts about St Andrew and Rev. John told a story. All the children sang beautifully in church and had a super afternoon. 

Golden time in Class 3

This afternoon in Class 3 we made slime and it was really fun. If you don’t believe me then look at the pictures! We even used caramel flavouring to make it smell like christmas 🙂 We made massive slime bubbles and it was very stretchy and gooey! By Tye

Star Awards in Class 3

Kacey, Ruby and Poppy received the awards for super work on pie charts. Well done 🙂

Forest School session for all class 1

On Friday the 14th December all of the children in Class 1 will be taking part in an hours session of Forest Schools. Please can you send your child to school with hats, scarves and gloves as it forecast for a cold day. If you have any questions please speak to Miss Doney.

Welcome to our new FS1 Children

This morning we have had a taster session with our 3 new children who will be joining us after Christmas. The children have had a lovely morning meeting new friends and getting involved with lots of activities.

Junk Modelling – Class 1

Class 1 will be doing a design and technology day next Monday and will need some cardboard and items to build their models.  Cardboard boxes (cereal boxes thin for cutting), straws, small yogurt cartons, kitchen roll inserts or egg boxes would be useful.  Please could you send items to Class 1 staff.  Thank you.

Image result for junk modelling clipart

Maths in Class 1

Class 1 have continued to work hard while all the festive activities have been going on. Today Year 2 have been writing problems linked to multiplication and division.  While Year 1 have been concentrating on reading, ordering and partitioning numbers to 20.   All the children have completed an Autumn test and there have been some outstanding results.  Well done to the children for their hard work during Autumn.

Class 1 Christmas Nativity Play

Class 1 performed their Christmas Nativity Play today to Class 2 and 3 in the morning and, parents and carers in the afternoon.  There were rave reviews from pupils and parents.  The costumes and back drops were great, singing was fantastic and the lines were read clearly and loudly.  You would be forgiven to think that this was performed by older children because of the slick and smooth way the play went.  A big thank you goes to Mrs Beadle and Mrs Threlfall for helping with the back drops, organising the children and supporting them during the play.  An even bigger thank you goes to Miss Doney who wrote, produced and directed the play and gave the children a super platform to show their talents.  The final sold out performance is tomorrow afternoon.  Well done to all of Class 1!



Christingle Assembly

Mrs Burn and Rev Philip West came into school for our Christingle Assembly.  Mrs Burn and Mrs Wigg helped the children make the Christingles during the morning.  Then we had an assembly at the end of the day to celebrate the meaning of our Christingles.  They learnt that the orange represents the earth, the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus, the four sticks represents the seasons, the raisins represent the food of the world and the candle the light of Jesus.  Many parents and family attended to make the assembly another memorable celebration.  Thank you to all those who contributed to the charity part of Christingle.

November Awards 2018

The awards for November 2018 were as follows:

Class 1: Reader of Month – Zak, Maths Champ – Alfie & Writer of Month – Sydney.

Class 2: Reader of Month – Tyler, Maths Champ – Sophia & Writer of Month – Carter.

Class 3: Reader of Month – Ava, Maths Champ – Olivia & Writer of Month – Evie

Class Two Star Awards.

This week we handed out 4 Star Awards in Class 2 to Kaylah, Kai, Harry and Summer. Kaylah received her Star Award through her hard work in maths recently, she has been working fantastically independently and this is really showing in her work- along with scoring the highest in the class for the multiplication test. Kai received his award thanks to his brilliant attitude in all lessons, contributing throughout and supporting his classmates. Harry created a fantastic descriptive back story for my mystery headscarf, using lots of adjectives and working hard on presentation. Summer received her star award because this was the third week scoring 10/10 in her weekly spelling tests. Well done Class 2, keep up the good work!.

Headscarf Heroes.

Class Two have been looking at Hull’s Headscarf Heroes, focusing on Yvonne Blenkinsop who turned on Hull’s Christmas lights 50 years after the campaign to improve the safety of Hull’s trawlers. Today the children took part in some ‘hot-seating’, creating questions from the point of an interviewer as well as the response of Blenkinsop. Finally the children wore the headscarf to play the part of Yvonne Blenkinsop and received questions from the class ‘reporters’.

People who help us in Class 1

Today we had a visit from Mrs Valentine, who came to talk about her profession as a nurse.  She gave the children lots of interesting  information about her job and what you needed to do to become a nurse.  She brought in equipment to show the children what she used when examining and monitoring patients.  The most pleasing thing were some of the interesting and inquisitive questions the children asked her.  A super experience which I think Zak enjoyed the most.  A big thank goes to Mrs Valentine.


Christmas Carousel

Today we had our Christmas Carousel with a excellent turnout of family, parents and carers.  The children made decorations for the school, Christmas cards and calendars.  The day was full of festive music and art, although it’s back to work tomorrow before they are put up next week.

Star Awards in Class 1

Last week two Star awards were given out for reading and writing.  There has been some excellent progress by Izobel and Alfie.  Well done to both and keep up the hard work.

Golden time in Class

In golden time Class 3 enjoyed making pyramids using marshmallows and spaghetti 🙂

Knex vehicles in Class 3

Today in science, Class 3 made Knex vehicles. We had a fantastic science lesson, it was so much fun! We worked together to figure out who’s vehicle went the furthest when we put a 1 kg weight on it. It had to go down a ramp. We also tried it without a weight it went way further. We put the weight in different places to see what happened. Our winners were Max, Evie J and Evie F.  By Logan

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:
Kacey and Ava received the awards for looking after the guinea pigs 🙂 Thank you.
Ruby provided the class with a fantastic summary of ‘Brer Rabbit’ in our whole class reading session.
Tye contributed really well to class discussions in reading. Well done:)

Plastic bottle for snowflakes

Mrs Threlfall as asked if anyone could bring in plastic bottles for Monday’s Christmas carousel to make snowflakes.  It will be appreciated for anyone who can help.

Image result for plastic bottles

Design & Technology with Foundation Stage

The foundation children are enjoying their woodwork sessions. Some great designs including robots, butterflies and army cars have been made in the past week.

Pudsey in Class 1

On Friday the children took part in Children In Need. The children were invited to buy a ticket to wear it spotty. Through out the day the children did lots of different spotty activities including spotty maths, decorating biscuits, spotty stories and slime making. It was great to see the children’s homemade spotty T Shirts. Overall the children raised a whopping £155. Well done to all that got involved.

People who help us – Class 1

Class 1 have been looking at people who help us.  Last lesson we looked at people who helped us in school and today we looked at doctors.  The children learnt about what a doctor might have to do in a surgery, the equipment they might use and the names for different things linked to doctors.  The children used stethoscopes and looked at x-rays.  Next week we will be looking at a nurse and hopefully have one of our professional parents come in to discuss their role as a nurse.

Science in Class 1

Class 1 carried out an investigation into the force of friction.  They pulled a trainer with a weight inside over different surfaces to see which surface had the most frictional force.  The children used a forcemeter to take readings of the force in Newtons. Another successful investigation lead by Year 2 in mixed age groups.

Freddie Fit Award

Our first Freddie Fit award goes to Sophia who has shown an improvement in her skipping.  This was awarded by our Young leader Ava from Class 3.  Well done Sophia and keep it going.

Class 1 Awards

There were awards for Zac, Gabrielus, Sidney and Beck all for improved effort, particularly in English.  Well done boys, keep up the hard work.

Star Awards in Class 2.

This week’s Star Awards go to: Ethan, Sophia, Drew and Eve. Drew earned his Star Award through his wonderful handwriting within his Big Write, he put a lot of effort in and created a brilliant funny short story. Eve has been working with new people in lessons and has shown a big improvement in all lessons, she has a brilliant attitude and has been trying hard in everything she does. Sophia also has a brilliant attitude and has been showing this in every lesson, making good progress especially in maths. Ethan has been working hard on his spellings and handwriting and this is showing in all of his work, Well done Class 2, keep up the good work!

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3:

Well done to Evie J and Evie F for super work in Maths on division.

Well done to Maddie for her lovely painting of an ancient Egyptian farmer 🙂

Maths in Class 3

This week in Maths Class 3 have enjoyed division with monopoly money 🙂

Science in Class 1

Today Class 1 investigated the effects of gravity.  They completed investigation sheets as a whole class looking at what question to ask, fair testing and interpreting the results.  The children let toy cars go down chutes at different heights and measured how far the cars had travelled in centimetres.  The children had to think carefully about what they did and complete detailed records.  A good activity enjoyed by all.

Egyptian Day.

On Monday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Catherine, a special historian who talked to us all about the Ancient Egyptians. We were first introduced to the archaeological evidence, the children were able to investigate the use of different equipment and use investigations and observations to work out what these things may have been used for. We then split into our classes and worked on some more Egyptian themed activities, these included creating our own name using hieroglyphics; Mummification and looking at a brain hook, death mask’s , scarab’s, amulets and charms, canopic jars, nitron and bandages and we also played a game of Mehen. After lunch we returned to the hall to look more at the different Warfare including: a sword, shield’s, spear, axe, throwing sticks, bow and arrows. The day was finished with a final game of Seega, this was a game using different strategies to make a line using three stones. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we had some very interesting discussions. What a brilliant day!

Sports hall Athletics Class 2.

Class 2 had a brilliant morning competing at different activities, everybody tried really hard and contributed well.

Star Awards in Class 2.

Big well done to Lillie and Harry this week who both received Star awards. Lillie has received her award for having a brilliant attitude to learning, she has read every night at home and has been bringing in additional work almost every day. Harry has been working really hard on his spellings and using these successfully within English, he has also had a brilliant attitude this week and has been putting a lot of effort into his work.

Science in Class 3

Today in Science class 3 did an experiment on how the water cycle works and how it happens. Also Class 3 learnt a song about the water cycle. We learnt that another word for rain is precipitation.

First class 3 did a drawing on the water cycle and labelled the drawing. Second we did an experiment on the water cycle.

Class 3 put a bowl with hot water and it had an empty cup inside. Then we wrapped the bowl over with cling film and waited to see what happened to the cling film. So after we looked in the cup we saw a little bit of water in the cup. It was condensation.

By Poppy

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:

Jasmine, Shaun and Ava received the award for thinking really hard about the water cycle in Science.

Ethan and Emelia received the awards for their super diary entries in Literacy. Well done 🙂

Egyptian Death Masks

 Today we began to paint our Egyptian Death Masks, using gold and blue paints they have really begun to take shape. Well done class 2 they are looking wonderful!

October Awards 2018

The awards for October 2018 were as follows:

Class 1: Reader of Month – Sidney, Maths Champ – Kaleesi & Writer of Month – Alice

Class 2: Reader of Month – Lillie, Maths Champ – Benjamin & Writer of Month – Ezmie.

Class 3: Reader of Month – Olivia, Maths Champ – Tyler & Writer of Month – Kacey


Class 1 Actvities

Class 1 have been straight into action.  We have welcomed a new pupil to reception Cody who immediately settled in and worked hard in phonics.  The whole class started a new topic in science, covering forces.  Today they learnt about force meters and how to use them to measure forces in Newtons.  A busy start to the second half of Autumn.

Class Two Golden Time.

 Today’s golden time consisted of Class 2 making our own slime, although we have experimented with this previously we were unsuccessful but thankfully today we triumphed with some brilliant slime. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Making boxes in Class 3


We designed our own boxes to put 6 bourbon biscuits in. We had to measure the biscuits to make sure the boxes would be the right size. Next we had to draw a net and cut it out and stick it together using tape.

By Ruby

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:

Ava, Evie J and Tye received the award for working really hard in Maths on multiplication.

Poppy, Ruby and Kacey produced some fantastic non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt.

Jasmine K and Erin demonstrated excellent teamwork Science. Well done 🙂

Science in Class 3

In Science we have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes. The children enjoyed experimenting with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda; resulting in volcanic eruptions! 🙂

Class 2 Big Writes.

Today in Literacy we are doing our Big Writes, this is a non-chronological report based on Ancient Egypt. On Monday we worked in groups to order different facts under the correct subheading, this has given us all an idea of the arrangement for our own reports. I am excited to see what the class produces as we all seem to know lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.  

Science in Class 1

This week Class 1 have been looking at magnetic and non-magnetic materials.  They carried out an investigation of different materials and recorded their answers in a table.  They also learnt about where magnets can be useful in our lives.  There were some interesting discussions and learning taking place.  Well done Class 1.


Class 1 Stars of the Week

There were three stars of the week in Class1. Izobel for good work in Big Maths, Alfie for his perseverance in maths and Gabrielus for improved spelling and use of his phonics.

Class 1 Making Poppies

Class 1 made poppies for the remembrance day display in school.  The children made a individual poppies for a wreath and plastic poppies.  To finish they watched a short video on why we have poppies and what the represent.


Harvest Festival

Many thanks to all the families and friends who donated food for our Harvest Festival. It was great to see so much produce on our tables. The Harvest Festival was superb, with all classes singing loudly and proudly.  Well done to all the children and thanks again to those families and friends who came to the service. 11 boxes of produce were distributed by Year 6 and Mrs T.

Science in Class 3

First we measured 200ml of water and poured it into a cup. Next we added a flat spoonful of icing sugar to the water and it did not dissolve.

By Poppy

Art in Class 3

Class 3 have produced some fantastic pictures of Ancient Egyptian Gods. Well done 🙂

Mummy wrap competition in Class 3

Following their work on writing instructions for ‘How to make a Mummy’ Class 3 enjoyed wrapping each other up!

Well done to winners Jasmine H and Olivia 🙂

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:



Jasmine H and Erin received the award for finding interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians.

Poppy and Ruby received Star Awards for their fantastic explanation of our science experiment.

Well done 🙂

Class 1 Debtots

Class 1 have had a good session with Debtots doing role play and firework artwork.  Mrs T organised some super art activities making coffins and Egyptian mummies to go inside.  She also organised cat hats, an animal the ancient Egyptians admired.  FS2 did phonics and the letter ‘o’ and learnt how to play noughts and crosses.  A super day had by all.


Fun in Class 1

Busy, busy, busy in Class 1.  Big maths challenges, phonics with split digraphs (i_e), science checking for bendy or rigid materials, counting in maths and we even had two volunteers dress up as ancient Egyptian mummies. The children continue to work hard and four of them received star awards for their efforts.  Improved presentation (Ruby-Jo), good progress with reading (Sidney), hard work in literacy (Izobel) and super artwork (Ellis). Well done to all of them.

Class 2 Star Awards.

Star Awards in Class 2, it was very difficult choosing this weeks winners as we have had some lovely hard work. But, Carter was awarded this weeks maths Star Award for working hard and becoming much more independent with his work. Holly received the Star Award in English because of her brilliant poem in her Big Write and Ezmie received the handwriting award for her beautiful handwriting in her Big Write, Well done everyone!

Science in Class 2.

We were finally able to open our mummified tomatoes and see the results of our experiment, we found that our mummified tomatoes had dried up completely from the salt and bicarbonate mixture and the untouched tomatoes differed in results which brought about some very interesting conversations.

Golden time in Class 3

Golden time in Class 3 this week :

As part of their work on instruction texts this week, Class 3 have enjoyed following a recipe to make chocolate crispy buns. Yum 🙂

Recorder Club

Well done to the children in recorder club this week who have been working really hard to learn new notes. Fantastic 🙂


Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:

Maddie received the award for her fantastic instruction writing: ‘How to make a hero’.

Emelia and Shaun received the awards for working really hard to analyze their results from an experiment, using a scatter graph. Well done 🙂

Class 1 at work

Class 1 have been busy doing phonics, maths, art and Debutots.  Three children Ellis, Summer and Finley received awards at Debutot for their enthusiasm and creative thinking.  Lola our youngest member of class 1 received a star award for having more confidence and joining in all activities.

Road safety with EYFS

Today the children have been working in the hall and learning about road safety. We discussed the importance of road safety and how to cross a road safely. The children have learnt to stop, look and listen before crossing a road. We also looked at road signs and the difference between circle and triangle signs.

Star Awards in Class 1

Star awards were given to Ruby-Jo, Mason and Summer.  All three showing hard work and improvements in their learning. Well done.

Week 6 in Class 1

Everything is busy again in class 1.  Reception were working on letter formation, nursery building towers and creating some lovely artwork, and the whole class doing science.  This week we looked at hard and soft materials.  The children investigated different materials and gave reasons why materials need to have the properties of hard and soft.  Even foundation wanted to record their findings.  Great effort from everyone.


Science in Class 2

We have been looking at how the Egyptians built the pyramids. When moving the massive boulders the Egyptians were thought to have used water and spools to help ease the movement, today we conducted our own investigation into which method allows for the least amount of force needed to move a weight.  

Star Awards in Class 2.

Star Awards in Class 2, this week Lillie received the handwriting award as she has been practising lots in and out of school this is starting to show within her work! Evie received the award from English as she has had a lovely attitude within lessons and is always trying really hard. Benjamin received this weeks maths award because of his improved attitude within maths, he has been working hard and explaining his answers lovely and clearly.

Forest Schools

The EYFS children have had a fantastic Forest Schools session today. The children discussed trees and leaves. The children showed lots of curiosity about how trees grow and why some trees loose their leaves. We went outside and collected lots of different leaves. The children used the magnifying glasses to explore the different patterns. Once the children had collected lots of leaves they did some leaf painting and rubbing.

Star Awards in Class 3

Star Awards in Class 3 this week:

Ethan received the award for his fantastic contribution to discussions in whole class reading on Stig Of The Dump.

Emelia produced some super instruction writing about making a potion.

Samuel worked really hard in Maths on 2 digit multiplication.

Well done 🙂




Den Building

This morning the EYFS children have been busy building dens. The children used a parachute to make the den. Once the children had completed the den they worked together to make a campfire. Next the children wanted some food so they used the mud kitchen to make pies. When the children had finished eating their mud pies they told stories around the campfire. All the children had great team building skills and developed their ideas well.

Base 10 Maths.

Within Class 2 we have been working with column addition, this has shown some great results but I wanted to make sure the children understood the value of the numbers, today we played a game using Base 10 equipment to represent the values. The class worked really hard and it was a great lesson!

Egyptian Death Masks

The progress seems to be slow with these death masks but the end is in sight, Class 2 had a lot of fun turning their balloon heads into the beginning of their masks.

Science in Class 3

In Science the children planned and carried out an experiment to see if the temperature of water affects how much sugar will dissolve. Well done 🙂

Making potions in Class 3

Today in Class 3 the children have enjoyed making potions as part of their work on instruction texts.


Debutots in Class 1

Debutots is a session that involves drama and role play.  The children enjoy taking part is these and there were three awards this week. Certificates for Lucie for super listening and actions, and Oliver for good independent role play.  Ruby-Jo got a special mention for listening very well and recalling the story in detail.


FS2 doing phonics

Our two FS2 children were learning how to write the letter S using tweezers, play dough, their fingers, brushes and chalking them outside.  Both of them are starting to show some super fine motor skills and recognising the sound and shape of the letter S.

Freddie Fit in Class 1

Freddie Fit came today to show class 1 different games that will be organised and led by Year 5 and 6 during playtimes.  They really enjoyed the activities and the different rewards and certificates that can be received from being active.  The Freddie fit sessions were excellent and imaginative.  A great afternoon had by class 1.

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