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Welcome to the Blog Page

Year 6 Church Service

The Year 6 leaver’s service went very well today and had a good attendance from parents and carers.  Year 6 shared their memories of Paull Primary School.  There were three songs accompanied by Mr Shaw on the church organ, who is also leaving us for pastures new.  All the Year 6 received their children’s bibles and leaving gifts from FOPS.  The service concluded with the pray.  Good luck to all the Year 6 and staff leaving Paull, and best of luck in the future.


Reading morning with Class 1 and 3

During our English lesson we have written fables and this morning we had the opportunity to read them to class 1 pupils, I was really excited on the way to school, as I knew we would be reading our fables to class 1.  I thought  it was really fun  and I also enjoyed listening to class 1 read to us.

By Ruby Young

England Ladies Football

Yesterday I was invited by the York Regional Talent Club to act a as a ball girl for the England Ladies Football Club. The game was at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, this is a very posh school. When I arrived I had a buffet dinner, which was nice. Before the game started we all sang the National Anthem. England played Ireland. I was positioned behind the goal so had a good view of England’s penalty goal. The final score was 1-1. I had a brilliant day and it was good to see Jess Parks representing England who is also from Hull.

Kacey Doney year 3

Homework in Class 2

These are some of the photographs of the super homework completed this term.  Homework books need to be back in school by Wednesday this week, together with reading books and any Big Write books or Big Maths sheets.  A big thank you goes to all the children and their parents for helping them, some very successful results!


Science in Class 2 – Sound

Class 2 investigated the effect of distance on the loudness of sound.  They used the trundle wheels to measure the distances and recorded their observations on their investigation sheets.  They also did a few activities to show the vibrations that cause sounds and how sounds can travel through air.  They all enjoyed doing the different activities especially making a string telephone using two plastic cups.

Class 1 Maths

On the transition day last Friday Class 1 were sharing (division) different amounts of bricks into equal groups.  They were identifying how many different ways they could find and writing down the calculations.  I was very pleased with their efforts in the maths lesson and throughout the day.  I am looking forward to developing their learning next year.

‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’

Monday of this week we had two performances by Class 2 and 3 of ‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’.  Both shows were an outstanding success.  There was plenty of praise given from the parents and relatives.  The acting was fabulous, the jokes funny and the singing was excellent.  The success of the play is owed to the staff, in particular Mrs Rodgers who selected the play, directed it and managed rehearsals, and most of all the children for magnificent performances.  Hope the next ones can be as good.

Capacity in Class 2

Today, children were experimenting with capacities and trying to see which container held the largest volume of water. They learnt how to read different scales in millilitres and calculated the difference in the capacity between the containers. A good investigation was had by all.

Pirates of the Curry Bean

I just wanted to say a massive well done to all the cast of ‘The pirates of the Curry Bean’ you were absolutely amazing!  You have have learnt so many lines and songs I am truly amazed by you all!  Just a quick thank to all the parents and grandparents for organising all the costumes they looked fabulous.

Homework in Class 2

The homework for the summer term is going well.  We have had some delicious buns, humorous poetry, creative pictures and detailed descriptions.  It is pleasing to see the efforts of all those children who have finished so far.  Well done!


Class 1 water play

Class 1 have had a very fun and exciting afternoon with their water toys they brought into school. A great way to cool down after a hot day.

Monthly Awards for June 2018

The awards for June 2018 went to Max, Olivia, Charlotte, Harry, Ruby-Jo and Summer.  There were also book review awards for Olivia, Joshua, Rueben, Samuel and Holly.  Well done to all.

Tennis with Class 2 & 3

Class 2 and 3 have started learning tennis skills for the last three weeks of term.  Miss Newby from Sportsability took the sessions and the children enjoyed the sessions in glorious weather.

Star Awards in Class 2

Star awards were given for English and Maths to Maddie, Kai, Summer, Drew and Jasmine.  Well done to all of them for their hard work.

Homework in Class 2

The homework for the summer term is going well.  We have had some delicious buns, humorous poetry, creative pictures and detailed descriptions.  It is pleasing to see the efforts of all those children who have finished so far.  Well done!


Bible Stories

This week Erin from Class 3 continued with the reading of bible stories in assembly to the whole school.  She read the ‘The Creation’.  It was an excellent reading with some good questioning.  Well done Erin!

Class 3 bracelet making

Class 3 had a lovely morning with our school governor Mrs Davies; she showed us how to make bracelets by using a braiding wheel.  We can’t wait to sell these on Friday 6th July at ‘Party on the Playground’.  Thank you Mrs Davies for a fantastic morning!

Forest Schools in Class 1

Class 1 have taking part in Forest Schools activities this afternoon. For the first session the children worked in groups to collect different materials around the play area, they then had to make a picture using the materials. During the second session the children worked as one group to build a den. We tested the den to see if it was waterproof. Some children did get a little wet! A great afternoon had by all Class 1.


PE in Class 1

Class 1 have been enjoying their PE sessions with Mr Dunham. The children have learnt lots of new field activities. Their favourite game is called Kings and Queens.

World Cup in Class 1

Over the past week Class 1 have been looking at the different countries we have been competing against in the World Cup. They have learnt facts about each country and written reports. Today the children have worked in groups to create a flag using different collage materials which will be displayed in the classroom.


Art in Class 1

After our spell of hot weather and lovely sunsets, Reception decided they would like to create their own sunset. The children used chalks and paint to create some fantastic pieces of art work.

Homework in Class 2

The homework for the summer term is going well.  We have had some delicious buns, humorous poetry, creative pictures and detailed descriptions.  It is pleasing to see the efforts of all those children who have finished so far.  Well done!


Year 2 Multiskills Sports

Year 2 went to South Holderness Technology College to do multiskills sports.  They were split into different groups with pupils from other schools and did various different sporting activities including skipping, football and bowling.  The children really enjoyed themselves and the weather was fantastic.  A big thank you goes to the STHC pupils and staff for running the event.

Gold Games Mark

We have now been awarded the Gold Games Mark award.

Star Awards in Class 2

Star awards have been given to Tye, Benjamin, Joshua and Holly for some excellent written work describing characters and settings based on Harry Potter.  It was good to see children going home and writing their own stories. We are all looking forward to the stories next week in our Big Write books.


Sport Day 2018

The teams in this year’s sports day were named after countries in the world cup.  We had Brazil, Nigeria, France and Spain.  The children made flags and banners for the first part of the day followed by the morning sports events.  Points were awarded for the different places in these – javelin, standing long jump, bean bag throw and hurdles.  In the afternoon the running events took place and this year the teams were playing for the new ‘Sports Day’ shield. The children had an exciting day from start to finish.  The first team to win this shield were the red team ‘Spain’, although the blue team ‘France’ ran them close in the end.  A big thank you goes to all the staff for their efforts helping and organising activities, and parents and relative for watching.  Good weather and a super day!

Class 3 angles

Well done to Class 3 we were practising our measuring and calculating angles.  We went into teams and found all the possible angles.

Noah’s Ark read by Poppy

Poppy from Year 5 read ‘Noah’s Ark’ and asked the assembly some excellent questions to check their understanding.  The story readings in assembly by Class 3 have been fantastic with lots of thought going into the questions and identification of the moral within the stories.  Next week is Erin from Year 4.

Art Project

Class 2 are doing an art project this Friday and would like the children to bring in some clean empty tin cans.  If you have any please give them to Mrs Therlfall.  Thank you.

Measuring in Class 2

Class 2 have been continuing learning about measuring using different units this week. Following on from the measurement of length, this week involves the measurement of mass.  The children used the balances and weights to find out the mass of different objects within the class.  They recorded their measurements in grams and kilograms.

Homework in Class 2

Pictures of the homework completed for the Summer term will be added to this post as they come in.  The first was Lillie with some delicious buns shared with the whole class. Followed by a super poem from Lottie and fantasy castle drawing from Joshua.  The newest photographs are Carter with super poem about a fantasy creature and some excellent work from Tye who completed all four pieces.  Well done so far!


Year 6 Residential

Well done and thank you to all the Year 6’s for another amazing Paull Primary School residential. Special thanks to Mrs Good for spending hours and ‘days’ on the phone in finding us the residential itself – huge thanks to Skirlaugh Primary too.
The children were brilliant from the start to the very end and took part in all the activities. Some climbed higher than others, some shot straighter in archery, some were more successful in tying knots in buggy building … but they were all great ambassadors for the school and themselves.
It was a pleasure taken all six of the Year 6’s away.
More great memories made.
Mr Rowe and Mrs T.

Class 3 Star Award

Just wanted to say well done to everyone who did really during our bike experience. Olivia really showed real determination.

Year 6 Residential

Here are few photographs from the Year 6 residential.  Looks like they’re having a great time.

Year 6 Fund Raising

Many thanks to all those who helped support the fantastic efforts of the Year 6 fund raising on Friday 8th.  The year 6s are very grateful for the wet sponges being thrown and money spent in buying ‘build-a-bears’, cakes, plants and other items on the table top sale.  In total, they raised just short of £200! Huge thanks again to all and well done the Year 6s.  They are currently all having a great time on the residential and looking forward to tomorrow’s activities starting with breakfast at 7:20!!

Bike Day

Today we had a coach called Phil who came in and was talking about heath and safety on our bikes. He used to be in the Olympics. He taught us best way to set off, how to go around corners and we did races.  We liked going on the ramps and doing limbo.  Class 1 said I liked to race, limbo on bikes, biking around in circles and going over the ramps.  We really enjoyed the day, thank you.

Emelia, Maddie and Jasmine Class 2

Ruby reads a bible story.

Ruby from Class 3 read the bible story ‘Adam and Eve’.  She read the story clearly and with expression, following up with some good questions.  Next week it’s the turn of Poppy.

Awards for May 2018

The awards for May 2018 were:

Class 1 Gabrielus and Oliver

Class 2 Evie and Scarlet

Class 3 Thomas and Erin

Quad kids Year 3/4

The children who represented the school at Quad kids were fantastic and did the school proud.  Everyone put maximum effort into all four events – long jump, throw, 50m and 400m.  A big thank you goes to the staff and pupils at SHTC for organising the event, the parents for getting the children there and those children who took part.

Class 2 Measuring Metres

The children were asked to measure the perimeter of the football court and how far they could jump.  They used trundle wheels and metre rulers.  They had to record their results in different ways and show how they had calculated the perimeter.  It was a great task for learning and a lovely day to do it.

Homework in Class 2

Pictures of the homework completed for the Summer term will be added to this post as they come in.  The first was Lillie with some delicious buns shared with the whole class. Two new additions a super poem and fantasy castle.  Wow!


Year 6 Enterprise

All the year 6 children have been very busy this morning working hard to tidy up the schools outdoor area. The children have been painting, weeding and are in the process of making a pond. The children are going to be getting paid for all their hard work. All the money raised by this afternoons various activities will go towards their residential trip.

Maths in Reception

This week we have introduced halving in our maths input. We have looked at how we can share and what we can share equally making two halves. The children have enjoyed working in pairs to explore halving shapes equally. Well done to Ella who worked so hard and got a Star Award.

Awards in Class 2

This week we had three winners of the Star Awards. They went to Kaylah for a super Big Write on instructions, Evie for good maths work and perseverance and Charlotte for helping prepare work for the class in her own time.

Cooking Club

This week was the final session of cooking club.  The children made pizzas and they looked very appetising.  A big thank you goes to the staff for their efforts in organising everything.  Hope the recipients eating them enjoy the taste!

Instructions in Class 2

Class 2 continued to write instructions in preparation for their ‘Big Write’ tomorrow.  Today they wrote instructions for making a dragon head with fire.  Another great activity with some detailed and clear work.  The children will look at how they can improve their work before completing a ‘Big Write’.



Thomas read The Pharaoh’s Dream

Thomas read the ‘The Pharaoh’s Dream’ to the whole school.  He asked lots of different questions about the story and the children were keen to answer them.  This was another good reading of a bible story and next week it will be Ruby from Class 3.


Measuring with Year 2

Year 2 followed on from the morning maths lesson and practised measuring using a tape measure.  They measured their bodies and made half sized models of themselves.  The children used fabric tape measures and measured to the nearest centimetre then halved their measurements to make models of themselves.  They really enjoyed the activity and here are the results.

Instructions in Class 2

Class 2 wrote instructions with Miss Taylor.  Their task was to write the instructions to make a ‘Harry Potter’ wizards hat.  The children wrote the title, a list of items with bullet points and the steps for making the hat using time connectives. A super activity enjoyed by all.

Welcome back from Class 1

The children have come back to school raring to go. We have a very busy 7 weeks to look forward to. In literacy we are going to be looking at the countries linked to the World Cup and doing lots of research about these countries. In maths we are going to be looking at halving, sharing and fractions. Our topic work is going to be based on our bodies and how to stay healthy. This morning the children have set the outside areas up with their own choice of activities including digging for diamonds, the dinosaurs lost world and a fossil exploration table.

Class 1 trip to William’s Den by Ruby-Jo

Yesterday our teachers took us to William’s Den. We really liked the team work. We did 4 activities which were den building, a minibeast hunt, making mud pies and the stepping stone challenge. We also really enjoyed sitting outside with the teachers and our friends to eat our dinner. We were allowed to get very dirty and dig in the ground, we found worms.The indoor play was lots of fun although we all got lots of sand in our shoes. The tent where we dropped our bags off was really big, it was bigger than my house. Everyone was smiling all day. Thank you to the F.O.P,S who helped pay for our trip. My favourite part of the day was making mud pies with Mrs Beadle. Paull Primary School is the best school ever and so are all the teachers.

Ruby-Jo, Class 1

IMG_0919 IMG_0963 IMG_1061


Bible Story by Shaun

Shaun (Year 5) read ‘The Prodigal Son’ to the whole school.  This was another good reading from Class 3, with Shaun asking questions and telling us the moral of the story.  Next assembly it will be Thomas.

Science with Miss Taylor

Today, we progressed on with the Science lessons of the human body. By identifying organs and the uses yesterday the Year 2’s were able to label and identify the location of the organs on the human body. They had great fun being able to try replicate the sizes of their own organs!

Order in the court!

We have had a court case this morning, the children took the roles of judge, jury, attorneys, the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.  The pigs were arrested for grievous bodily harm of the big bad wolf.  They did really well keeping in character and demonstrating bias, persuasion and great listening skills.

Hand knitting by Class 3

We have been having fun working on our fine motor skills by hand knitting.  It was tricky at the start but we all managed it by the end!


Hot seating by Class 3

We are starting to look at alternative fairy tales.  For the last two days we have been looking at The three little pigs story.  On Monday Lois and I took the role of the 3rd pig and the wolf, the children then asked the characters questions.


Special treat for Year 6

Year 6 had an amazing time making pizzas today and then eating them for lunch.  A special thanks to Mr Rowe and Nicky for making this happen.  I think Tom has definitely found his calling!


Drama in Class 3

Great drama performances yesterday based on the parable of the prodigal son.

Well done to Year 6

Just wanted to say well done to the Year 6 for completing their sats.  Hope you enjoyed the bacon butties!


Boot Camp with Class 2

Class 2 had a boot camp with sports coaches Hope and Adam.  They talked about what makes us healthy followed by a warm up.  The children then did a circuit of activities.  They thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were active and focus throughout.  Here are a few pictures.

Class 1 Fun Camp

This afternoon Class 1 have taken part in a Fun Camp activity. The children had lots of different activities set up around the field and they had to see how many they could complete in a set time. The children really enjoyed working in pairs and cheering each other along.


Lois reads ‘Jonah and the Whale.’

In this week’s assembly Lois (Year 6) read the bible story ‘Jonah and the Whale’ to the whole school.  She read the story beautifully, told the children about the moral of the story and ask some excellent questions.  This was a perfect start to our bible stories during Wednesday assemblies.  Next week is Shaun from Class 3.

Awards for April 2018

The awards for April 2018 were:

Class 1 – Mason and Alfie

Class 2 – Drew and Benjamin

Class 3 – Evie and Erin


Class 2 Science Investigation

Class 2 did a science investigation to see which muscles in our body are the strongest.  We found out that our leg muscles are the strongest after trying squats, sit ups and press ups in 60 seconds.  We managed a class average of 60 squats compared to 34 sit ups.  Hopefully no one will be aching tomorrow !


Class 1’s chicks

Today in Class 1 we wrote letters to The Govenors to ask if we could keep our chicks as they grow into chickens. It has been a great experience to watch them hatch from an egg, decide what to call them and learn how to keep them healthy. The children especially enjoy the times when they come out of their hutch for a run on the carpet! Here are some examples of our letters and photos of us having a cuddle this afternoon. 

Cooking Club

Cooking club have been hard at work again this week.  They have made some delicious pizzas.  It looks like they have had fun while learning some good life skills.

Star Awards in Class 2

Two star awards have been given in Class 2 for improvement in written work and reading.  These awards were given to Stevie and Scarlet. Well done to both.

Art in Class 2

In art Class 2 had a great time creating crazy creatures for our world of Fantasy.  There were some unusual and imaginative designs that they made.  Well done.

Small School’s Cricket with Class 2

Today Class 2 went to Beverley to play some cricket.  There were four schools split up into teams.  Each team played games with different leaders and there were nine places to go.  We got to have a go with a bat and ball, throwing balls and catching balls.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the weather was lovely.  By Jasmine & Kacey

Year 3/4 Football Tournament @SHTC

The Year 3/4 children played a football tournament at STHC and only went on to reach the final.  Paull drew two and won two with goals from Kacey, Ethan and Kai.  The team preformed superbly winner their group with 8 points and on goal difference.  Out of ten teams Paull being the smallest school reached the final and managed to draw with Preston.  They finally lost on penalties but what an excellent evening for the school, second place which better the performance of two third places at the small school event in previous years. A great night was had by all the team Erin, Evie, Jasmie, Kacey, Kai, Tyler and Benjamin. A big thank you to the SHTC pupils and staff for organising the event.  Can’t wait for next year!


Art/D.T Class 3

Class 3 had a busy, messy afternoon creating 3D pieces of art.  They will be displayed  in the hall please do come and have a look.

Budding artists in Class 3

We’ve been looking at how to draw a portrait this week.  Well done to everyone you really had a good go!

Class 3 evaluating instructions

Class 3 have had an amazing morning evaluating instructions.  They got to make and eat sandwiches, smoothies and cake.

Class 2 Learning

Class 2 have been working hard this week.  We have been learning about muscles and played a kahoot quiz about skeletons and muscles.  In English we have wrote some descriptive sentences and in maths learnt about the months of the year.  There has been some good learning including going outside to do some reciprocal reading. Can’t wait for lots more sunshine!

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