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Welcome to the Blog Page

FS Stay and Play

On Wednesday we invited FS parents in to a stay and play session. We started off with a Jolly Phonics session and then had some free flow time around the classroom. It looked like the Mums and Daisy had a fun time discovering all the exciting things our classroom has to offer!

FS Autumn 1 week 7

The children have had another busy week in FS! They’ve enjoyed new activities in the sand and water trays, each reception child wrote a sentence in literacy and we’ve looked at different activities related to shape. The children also helped Miss Lister to prepare the mud kitchen for next week by splitting jelly cubes equally into bowls and adding plastic creepy-crawlies for a Halloween-esque sensory experience next week. We performed with the rest of class 1 our Kitchen Disco dance on Friday to the school, parents and the local vicar- well done, Class 1!

Final week of Kayaking

Another great afternoon at Kelsey. The children are extremely confident on the water and have shown they can paddle in different directions and at speed! They tried hard to catch Mr Rowe, but he evaded their attempts to drench him – most of the time. Well done to all the children in Class 3 – really enjoyed the kayaking and canoeing and made it a joy to take along and see them participate with smiles. Thanks also to Mr Watson for organising the sessions and Captain Vince and Pirate Ian for their instruction.

Scary Scarecrows

This week, Class 2 have been busy making scarecrows to be shown in our Harvest Festival on Friday. The children showed fantastic teamwork and co-operation to build their amazing masterpieces! I think any farmer would be proud to have one of our scarecrows standing in his field!

Developing our outdoor area-FS

Miss Lister has been thinking hard about what the FS outdoor area could use to make it a more developed and engaging area. She’s been asking around to see if anybody has any spare pallets, as she thinks it would look amazing if we had a custom built reading area and a roleplay structure that could become anything!

If you know of anyone who can offer any pallets or old Wendy Houses to our outdoor area, please let Miss Lister or Mr. Watson know.

Thank you!

Class 1 Working hard

Class 1 have been busy today.  We’ve been learning about Florence Nightingale and sequencing events of her life.  Following this we have learnt how to subtract in columns with renaming, a difficult concept to learn for young children.  In the afternoon, we have been discussing a healthy lifestyle including exercise, good eating, sleep and positive well-being.  The children looked at the different food groups then designed their own healthy pack lunch which was a balance diet.  We also observed the difference in our heart rate, breathing and temperature of our skin before and after exercise.  Great effort from all.

Aldi Sports Poster

Thank you for all the support from everyone for the stickers for our Aldi Sports Poster.  We have finally completed it!

Kayaking in Class 3

After all the rain in the week, the water temperature at Kelsey had dropped. This did not put the children off having a fantastic time on the water. They did remarkably well kayaking and paddling to different buoys. At the end the children were allowed to explore the kayaks and some were sat on the very front and others managed to stand up. A few ‘fell’ in to check the water temperature. Next week is our last on the water and hopefully the group will have as much fun as in previous weeks.

EM Yoga for Adults

FREE EM Yoga sessions at Paull Primary school for parents, carers and people of the village.  Please see the the poster.  Places will be limited to a first come basis.

#HelloYellow Going yellow in FS!

The children in foundation embraced Thursday’s yellow theme! We briefly discussed that it’s a special day because we’re thinking about anyone who feels sad or worried and we will strive to be a friend to all. Today’s happiness ambassador was Mac, who had the task of being a friend to anyone who felt sad or lonely.

FS Autumn 1 Week 6

This week in Foundation we have looked at how tall we are and measured each other (including Miss Lister), started working with addition problems in maths and did story sequencing in literacy.

The children have enjoyed helping Miss Lister and Mrs Greggory, by painting fruit which will be used for Harvest Assembly.

We have also started to revisit phase 2 in phonics to consolidate our knowledge.

And lastly, a big well done to Lola, who was awarded with a star award for doing some fabulous segmenting and blending of words, well done!

Hand Washing

On Wednesday we invited Student Midwife Katie into classes 1 and 2 to discuss why it’s important to wash our hands and she showed us the technique that she uses to make her hands squeaky clean!

Class 1 Science and awards

Today, Class 1 have been looking how babies resemble their parents and learning that children grow into adults.  The children were investigating whether boys or girls on average in class 1 were taller.  Finally, there were awards for Halle, Codie and Alfie for effort in and out the class.  Well done!

FS Autumn 1 Week 5

This week we’ve been very busy in Foundation! In literacy we’ve been looking at speech used in our focus book for this half term ‘Funny Bones’, the reception children did a really good job of creating some speech based on a picture prompt and using their phonics to write the words. In maths we’ve been fine-tuning our numeral recognition skills and have started writing numbers by chalking on the playground and even wrote an equation on Friday in pairs! In maths this week we have also worked well in teams to play bingo and to do our sums.

We’ve been exploring our different outdoor toys by creating dens to play in and using the phone to talk to each other. We will be learning more about different forms of communication in IT next week. In our doctors surgery we now have medical supplies thanks to Zak’s mum. The children must think that Miss Lister is very poorly with all the bandages, medicine bottles, pretend injections and heart checks with the stethoscopes that she has received this week! Earlier this week we worked together to build a junk model Ambulance which the children absolutely love to play with. Alfie also made some fab junk model Armour and George made a brilliant fire engine.

This week we introduced a ‘Happiness Ambassador’ to the classroom. Each day a child is picked to be the Happiness Ambassador and gets to wear the special lanyard. Their job for the day is to be a friend to anyone who is sad or feeling alone. The children are so far enjoying the responsibility of such an important role.

On Friday we got to go and browse in the Book Bus, there were lots of interesting books to look at. It was lovely to see so many children excited about reading! Friday afternoon we also created skeleton pictures with craft straws, which looked very effective.

In other news, Makenna received a star award for being able to fasten her coat poppers all on her own and Codie received a star award for trying new food at lunch! Finally, Class 1 would also like to wish Miss Doney a big congratulations on the birth of baby James, we really appreciated our visit from them both on Friday afternoon!

Cross Country

The weather was wet and cold for the cross country this year.  It was great to see Ruby-Jo, Alfie, Ethan and Erin represent the school.  Aflie managed to compete in the Year 3/4 race and did the school proud with his efforts.  Ethan came a respectable 8th in the same race.  Ruby-Jo ran well and smiled on the way round.  Finally, Erin was our only Year 5/6 representative and she completed the course even with a stitch.  Thank you to the parents for taking the children, the organisers and most of all the children who ran it.  Well done!

Kayaking in Class 3

WOW! A new group of children from Year 5 / 6 and they were very excited from the moment they got on the minibus. The children were very keen to get in the canoes and on the water. They got the hang of the paddles and were able to steer round the lake – working together and communicating well to reach set destinations. The crew of the canoes changed, with the children standing up and swapping seats. At the end of the session a few children wanted to explore the ‘cold water’ – just to check the temperature and see if the buoyancy aids worked (which they did!). Well done to all the pirates today.

Class 1 Activities

We’ve continued to be busy this week.  Year 1 demonstrating their addition skills using numicon, numberlines and tens frames.  The class has been doing PE in doors due to the wet weather.  We’ve been using the curling equipment and bowls to practice our target skills.  Mrs Therlfall has been doing a fruit tasting session inline with our science theme of the senses.  The children drew the fruit beforehand before enjoying the tasting.  Finally, a Star Award goes to Scarlet for her super phonic work.

Monthly awards for September 2019

The monthly awards for September were:

Class 3 Reading – Evie, Writing – Logan and and Maths – Jasmine.

Class 2 Reading – Holly, Writing – Ezmie and and Maths – Ethan.

Class 1 Reading – Ellis, Writing – Reuben and and Maths – Kaleesi.

Week 5 in Class 1

We’ve been busy this week learning how to add two digit numbers in columns.  It’s a bit step in the children’s learning and using the diense block will help them visualise the method.  Science has been looking at the sense of touch with the use of a feely bag to guess the object.  The children came up with some super vocabulary to describe the feel of different surfaces.  Finally, Zac has received a star award for working hard on his spellings and being successful in his weekly spelling test.  Well done.

Autumn 1 Week 4 Forest Schools

This week during our Forest Schools session, we focused on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Mr. Rowe and the children read the story together, with some fabulous actors reading the lines. Afterwards, Miss Lister found a scroll with a letter from the giant to Class 1. It said that he had caught Jack stealing his hen and harp and had captured him, we then had to go on a journey around the school to find the giant’s lost golden eggs by following clues. When we had found all the eggs, we were tasked with creating a large scale picture of the giant in the Forest School area, with natural materials. The children made a brilliant giant! We also planted broad bean and winter pea seeds so that we can watch our own beanstalks grow!

Lola also got a star award for trying some new food, well done Lola!

FS Autumn 1 Week 4

This week we’ve been looking more at the senses, with a blindfold game with the rest of class 1 and listening to different genres of music and discussing how it made us feel. We’ve been writing numbers and practising our counting and working through the phonics sounds. We also properly started focusing on our gross motor skills and movements, as these will help us with our letter and number forming; by chalking, drawing on paper an dancing with string. Our doctors surgery has been a big hit this week and we have enjoyed fun moments in our outdoor play area with the glass pens, chalk and our toys. On Thursday, we looked again at the Bee-bots and giving directions, as well as playing with a couple of the Make’N’Go cars and crashing into Miss Lister’s feet!

Kayaking Week 3

Another awesome session with nine Year 5 / 6 children. I am so impressed with how all of them have took to canoeing and kayaking.  Today, the group were working on ‘rescuing’ and ‘towing’ before … jumping in! Well done to all and thanks for another terrific Thursday afternoon.

Star Award

In PE this afternoon class 2 played a very involved and competitive game of Rounders with Team 2 narrowly beating Team 1 by half a rounder! Well done to Sophia who was given a Star Award for being a fantastic fielder on last base. She caught every ball thrown to her and was then able to quickly stump players out becoming a big asset to her team. Well done Sophia and class 2 keep it up ⭐️ Looking forward to next weeks rematch already!

Ma famille in Class 2

Ezmie and Sidney ‘heads-down’ hard at work in French with Mr W.

Magnifique! 🙂

Another fab week of learning in Class 3

‘Make 15’ morning work challenge, ‘Soluble or insoluble?’ group science investigations, ‘event’ coding and wonderful character description work. Well done Y5/ 6. Keep it up! 🙂

Mr W and Mrs N


Activities in Class 1

We’ve been busy in Class 1 writing character descriptions.  Learning which words are adjectives and which are nouns.  In science we have been learning what it is like to be without sight and how important it is for us to gain information about the world around us.  Finally, three children have received star awards for phonics (George), writing (Ashton) and RE (Codie).  Well done to all three!

Mini-beast invasion!

This week, in Class 2 the children have been looking closely at different types of invertebrates. They had the chance to get very close to some interesting mini-beasts. The children loved looking at the legs move on the giant African millipede and were very curious to find out about the hissing cockroaches, unfortunately the cockroaches decided that they didn’t want to hiss!! They have drawn some fantastic observational drawings of the creatures and these are on the wall in the classroom. You’re welcome to come and have a look at them.

Snakes and Slides in Class 1

The Year 1 and 2 children have been learning about numbers to 100, place value and number patterns.  The children made a snakes and slides game using a number square after completing the missing numbers.  Fun was had by all.

Kayaking in Class 3

Another fantastic afternoon at Kelsey Lakes on the water. The children were amazing and took to the kayaks like ducks to water! Captain Vince and Pirate Ian (the instructors) were overwhelmed at how good the children were in the kayaks and how brave they were to ‘explore’ sitting on the front of the kayak and standing up on them. It was a really fun afternoon with all the children splashing about on and in the water. Thanks for yet another super session.

FS Autumn Term 1 week 3 – What we’ve been up to

This week in Foundation we’ve been very busy! At the start of the week we looked at the human body and drew around a student to label different parts, we also did some running to see what happened to our hearts when we exercised. We looked at the different materials that builders might use to build houses and after listening to the story ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’, we explored the textures of some materials and went for a walk around the school to see what we could find. On Wednesday, we explored our senses by doing some Cosmic Yoga listening and tried some different fruits, the lemon faces are the best! On Thursday we played giant snakes and ladders with our classmates and learned a bit about programming by playing with the Bee-Bots and following courses taped to the floor. On Friday we started with some mark making on the playground to help strengthen our hands and develop our motor skills, we did some Magic Maths and in the afternoon did some Forest School activities that involved being detectives: we looked for minibeasts in the outdoor area. We also did printing with leaves and sticks, chalked on the trees and played on the equipment. During the rest of the afternoon the children enjoyed some time to play on the playground. This week we have introduced some fabulous new music to our class by having quick bursts to wake up our bodies and have started a new thing called ‘Dance Alarm’, when the alarm goes off, we stop where we are in the classroom and dance! Also, a big shout out to Alfie who earned a star certificate for trying really hard in phonics and sounding out a long word without much help from Miss Lister, well done Alfie!

Class 2 Star Awards

Big well done to Eve and Evie for some fantastic vocabulary choices in the first Big Write of the year which was a character description of Aunt Spiker from James and the Giant Peach. Keep up the hard work 🙂

Class 1

Class 1 have been very busy.  We’ve been writing instructions for masks and making them.  We’ve been doing catching and throwing in PE, and using the ladders for our footwork.  Listening and making sounds in science, partitioning in maths and even writing setting descriptions.  In addition, our first four star awards have been given out for some super work and effort to Reuben, Mason, Ellis and Jacob.  Well done to all.

Forest Schools in Class 1

This afternoon the children have taken part in a Forest Schools activity. The children listened to the story The Stickman. After the story had been read the children used the play area to make their own Stickmen using different materials. The children chose from Sticks, clay, chalking and painting. What a lovely messy afternoon the children have had.


Class 3 – Kayak week 1

A fantastic session at Kelsey with nine children from Year 5 and 6. It was great to see how well they all worked together in paddling and steering their canoes. Well done to all and I am looking forward already to next week when we try kayaking. A really enjoyable afternoon – lots of fun. Thanks you to all the children for making it so wonderful.

Class 3 – a fab start to y5/6 🙂

So much learning – can’t believe we’re only a week and a half into 2019/20! Filtering investigations, Beowulf mastery reading strategies, expanding vocabulary with thesaurus work, chronology timeline sorting group work, gorgeous RE art and much, much more. Mrs Nisbet and I are really looking forward to this school year 🙂

Mr Worsnop

Welcome back from Class 2

Welcome back to everyone, we hope you have had a fun filled holiday. Class 2 have had a fantastic first week back with all of the children showing positive attitudes to learning. This term our topic is linked to the book James and the Giant Peach. The children have begun reading and answering questions on the opening to the story and have started writing character descriptions using noun phrases. Some of the expanded noun phrases the children have written have been fantastic, maybe ask your child to tell you an example of what we mean. We have started looking at flying machines in History and the different elements of moving books in D&T. The children have been very interested to look at the globes, we have discovered where the equator is and also the Arctic and Antarctic along with the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We had our first Talk session today and had a very interesting discussion about whether ‘Actions are more important than words’. For next week’s Talk session we are asking you to talk with your child about whether ‘It is wrong to refuse help’. This is part of their weekly homework.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to come and speak to either Mrs Holmes (Monday and Tuesday) or Mrs Watts (Wednesday,Thursday, Friday)

Autumn first half MTP

Science in Class 1

Today in Class 1 we looked at our senses.  For smell we smelt some perfume, for touch we felt different surfaces with our hands, for hearing we listened to some different sounds to identify them, for taste we had our fruit and milk and for sight we used binoculars.  The children learnt about how our senses help us learn about the world around us.  In addition, there is a photograph of Ellis and Molly who built some Lego models in breakfast club with a little help from their friends.  This demonstrates their creativity, focus and concentration.  Well done to both.




Autumn Term in Class 1 – The Human Body

Welcome back to the new year in Class 1 and our theme until half term ‘The Human Body’.  We have some new staff in Class 1.  Miss Lister our nursery nurse, covering for Miss Doney’s maternity, and Mrs Gregory, Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Witty has also kindly volunteered to help our a couple of afternoons a week.  We will try to follow some of the same routines as last year with homework going out weekly including spellings, maths, reading and a new part, talk homework.  This will be a statement or question to encourage some thoughtful discussions outside and inside the classroom.  Children are encouraged to read as much as possible at home and will receive dojos for completing their reading cards.  If children could bring their PE kit in on a Monday and keep it at school for the week as PE will be on a Tuesdays and Fridays, although there maybe other opportunities.  If you haven’t already done so, could you please provide an email for the dojo program.  This will allow us to send information and photographs from the classroom.  The children can also use purple mash a safe and secure environment on the internet with some super educational programs and games.  Each child has a login and if you haven’t already got it can be obtained from Mr Watson.  Please feel free to talk to myself or Miss Lister about anything.  We will be holding some stay and play sessions for foundation and meet the teacher for Key Stage 1.  We are looking forward to some great learning and our exciting curriculum.

Class 1 Planning the Human Body

First Week in Class 1

Welcome back to school.  These are first photographs for the new year.  We have been writing instructions, learning about numbers and place value up to 100.  Look out next week for our plans for the half term.


Church Service

The final church service for Year 6 was conducted by Rev Sue Pulko.  The Year 6 children read out their memories in between the traditional hymns for the our leavers and were presented with their own bible.  Mr Rowe read some of the staff memories of the children and the Reverent concluded the service with a pray.  Good luck to all the Year 6 on their next part of their educational journey.

Pop-up books.

This term Class 2 have been looking at Fact and Fiction, within this we have looked at habitats and nature. We have created a pop-up book to help classify the different living things, We finally finished these books and I have to say they look amazing! Fantastic work class 2, here’s a sneak peak.



Children in class 1 received star awards for the efforts during the transition day.  It was good to see how hard FS2 worked as Year 1.  Freddie Fit awards were given to a number of children for setting up an assault course for other children to play on.  Well done to everyone.

Forest Schools

Today the children have had a very messy Forest Schools session. The children have taken a particular interest in worms lately so we have made a wormery. First of all the children looked at a power point telling them all about worms and the purpose of them. Then we went outside to find and collect our own worms, this was very interesting. Once we had collected enough worms we came  inside to look at the worms under a magnifying glass. We then made a wormery using a large plastic bottle. The children will be watching the worms over the last week of term before putting them back outside.

Class 2 Golden time.

Last week for Golden time, as it was such a lovely day, we decided to take the class outside for some fun games of tag and Ally Ally In. The class played really well with each other and seemed to target Miss Swatman.

Year 6 transition day,

As the whole school had a transition day yesterday, Year 6’s (year 7’s for the day) had a great day talking about and addressing their worries for their new school. After this we were able to enjoy our afternoon and even had time to squeeze in a bit of reading with class one, both classes worked lovely together and read really well. 

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