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Welcome to the Blog Page

Lewis for Nice to be Nice

Nice 2B Nice therapy dog was in school this week. Class 3 were very lucky to have him for a full session. Lewis was showing off his tricks and trying out some new ones. As Lewis goes in to hospitals he has been learning to have his heart beat listened to with a stethoscope, his teeth checked and even his blood pressure taken. In our session, Dave Freer awarded Lois Chelu with a printed plaque of her winning design to celebrate Lewis as a ‘Therapy Dog’. She was also given her own cuddly dog. Congratulation to Zuzanna as well who came runner up in the design competition.

Roman Numerals in Class 3

Class 3 have been learning all about Roman Numerals and how the letters represent today’s numbers. It was great fun testing each other and making the numbers in Roman Numeral form out of matchsticks.  

Shape in Class 2

Class 2 have been learning about 2D shape this week.  They have learnt about the properties of 2D shape, how to check a right angle, symmetry and different types of lines.  In ICT we have use a great APP called Quiver.  It allows the children to print out 2D drawing and shape (many free), colour them in and view them as 3D shapes.  Great fun and even shows how Nets create 3D shapes.

Gardening Club

Gardening Club started this week on a Wednesday.  Mrs Threlfall has information of attendees.  Here are the first week and it looks like Ella is taking charge of operations.  Hopefully we will set the fruits of their labours at the end of summer.

Sports Events children wanted!

We have lots of sports event coming up and due to the weather and lack of numbers we have been unable to attend recent sporting competitions.  Please sign up to these events and get our children to represent the school and give it a go.  The next events are as follows:

Wed 25th April – Y5/6 Football Tournament at SHTC 16:00 to 17:30 for Class 3 – seven players needed (one girl on the pitch).  Children must have shin-pads and have some fun.

Tue 1st May – Orienteering at Burton Constable (teams of 3) different age groups for Class 2 and 3 – Children can just come and have a go, great for getting lost and plenty of running.

Wed 9th May – Small school Cricket at Longcroft 9:00 to 11:45 for Class 2 – all children going.  Children must pack lunch and come dressed in PE kit.   Transport is by coach and plenty of staff will be attending.

Wed 9th May – Y3/4 Football Tournament at SHTC 16:00 to 17:30 for Class 2 – seven players needed (one girl on the pitch).  Children must have shin-pads and have some fun.

Any questions please see Mr Watson (more events to be published later)


Football Club

Football Club started this Tuesday 3:30 to 4:30 coached by Hull City coaches.  It will last for 10 weeks and all are welcome from FS2 (reception) to Year 6.  If you wish for your child to attend please sign up.

Class 2 Football with Hull City

Class 2 started their 10 week sessions with Hull City community coaching programme.  They started learning new football skills and finishing with some games.  They all appeared to enjoy the sessions, even those who were very competitive.

Science in Class 2

We started learning about the human body and today we looked at the human skeleton.  The children recorded some facts about the skeleton and labelled a drawing.  The Year 3 children in particular had lots of previous knowledge about the skeleton that they shared with everyone.  A good start to our topic.

Lewis (Nice to be Nice) visits Paull

Lewis the ‘Nice to be Nice’ therapy dog came to school to listen to some Class 2 and 3 children read as part of his assessment today.  He was so relaxed and he even fell asleep for a few minutes!  All the children enjoyed reading to him.

Your School Lottery Winner Saturday 14th April 2018


The winner of our 1st School Lottery draw was Sam Lawday. Congratulations!

Sam has kindly donated her winnings back to the school. A great big thank you Sam from all the Staff, Pupils and Governors for your generous donation.

World of Fantasy in Class 2

Welcome back after the Easter holidays.  We have already got to work on the new term.  Our theme is ‘World of Fantasy’.  We will be covering a lot of descriptive language using fairy tales, stories of pirates and wizards.  In science we will be looking at the human body and materials.  Hull City coaches are coming in to coach football and run a football club on Tuesdays.  There are also a few competitions which include both Class 2 and 3.  RE continues to look at the Christian and Hindu religions, in particular, places of worship. Maths is a consolidation of previous learning with a focus on measures, shapes and time.  Our ICT will cover word processing and presentations.  We continue to use Purple Mash, a great resource for the children to use in and out of school.  This term will be a busy term and here are a few pictures of our start to the Summer.  Let’s hope the weather is kinder to us.

Capacity in Class 1

Today the children have taken part in a very practical maths lesson. As well as teaching the children about capacity through input, they have also been able to access different activities around the classroom to enhance their learning. Year 1 have looked at measuring in millilitres and litres.

Easter Service

We had an Easter Service at St Andrew’s Church.  The whole school sung some familiar hymns and Year 6 read the Easter story.  It was good to see lots of the parents and carers attending.

Woodwork in Class 1

Class 1 have had an introduction to woodwork. After the Easter holidays the children will be able to access woodwork as part of the classroom provision. Today we have talked through the safety aspects of using tools. Every child has been shown how to use each tool correctly. Donations of off cuts of untreated soft wood would be greatly appreciated, if you have some spare in your shed. Thank you Class 1.

Homework Class 2 updated

There has been some excellent homework yet again from Class 2.  The children have made rockets, designed aliens and researched facts.  Here are some of those who have finished.


Fun in the sun

Class 1 have been waiting along time for the sun to make an appearance. Today we have made the most of it and taken our learning outside. The children have planted some more flowers and turned it into a wishing plant pot. We have also written recipes for the mud kitchen, looked at forces, pushing and pulling and turned the wendy house into a baby clinic.

Easter Egg Roll

The whole school took part in the annual Egg Roll. All the children had a great afternoon. Thank you to the parents that came to support. Some children also took part in the Best Decorated Egg. We saw some great designs, well done to those children that took part.

The winners of the Egg Roll were: Ellis, Zak, Lucie, Stevie, Maddie, Ava, Samuel and Zuzanna.

The winners of the Best Decorated Egg were: Jacob, Summer, Beck, Ezmie, Summer, Jasmine, Poppy and Thomas.

Thank you to FOPS for organising this event.


Oakleaf Landscapes

All the children and staff in Class 1 would like to say a big thank you to Oakleaf Landscapes in Camerton for providing all the flowers we needed to make our outdoor area look pretty. Not only did they provide lots of spring flowers but they also left every child in class 1 a little Easter treat. Thank you Oakleaf Landscapes.

Beck and Benjamin’s drum performance

Well done to Beck and Benjamin who took the opportunity to show off their musical skills in a whole school assembly. They are really enjoying their drum lessons and the performance was enjoyed by all. Well done boys.

Class 1 flower wellies

Class 1 had a lovely time planting their own flowers in wellies. This has made our outdoor area look more like Spring. Hopefully we will get some Spring weather soon.

Poetry in Class 2

Class 2 are doing poetry this week.  They started today writing a poem about friends.  The first activity was to think of words that rhyme to help when writing their poems.

Homework in Class 2 (updated)

There has been some excellent homework yet again from Class 2.  The children have made rockets, designed aliens and researched facts.  Here are a few of those who have finished.

Air Resistance Investigation by Class 2

Class 2 carried out an investigation into air resistance.  Last week the children had written an instruction how to make a paper aeroplane and this week they were performing an investigation using paper aeroplanes.  The children had three sheets of paper of different sizes and made the same paper aeroplane design with each sheet.  The investigation looked at which paper aeroplane would fly the further and if air resistance would effect it.  The results were varied although the children enjoyed the activities and were able to record their findings and record them a in table.

Science in Class 3

Class 3 have been learning about refraction this week and how it creates an illusion.

E-safety training for Class 3

Class 3 would like to say thank you for our e-safety training this week, it really made us think how to keep ourselves safe on the internet.


Cake and Bake

Please find attached information about the Cake and Bake being held on Thursday 22nd March.

cake and bake

Farewell to Miss Bayley from Class 1

Miss Bayley our student teacher is leaving us today. she has been a great member of staff and has taught some amazing lessons including Traction Man, Burglar Bill and introduced new games in Maths. She has run an art club alongside Miss Swatman, which the children loved. We want to wish you all the luck and success in the future, we know you will be a fantastic teacher. Love Class 1.

Homework in Class 1-updated

We have had some more fantastic homework in Class 1 this week, well done Beck, Kaleesi and Zak.

Well done to the children who have completed this half terms home learning tasks. Here are just a few of the amazing creations. Oliver has made his very own lava lamp rocket, Ruby Jo has made a rocket from junk modelling and Reuben and designed his very own astronaut.

Class 1 Star Awards

Well done to Ella and Alfie for getting the Star Awards this week. Ella has made lots of progress in Literacy and is trying very hard and Alfie has settled into the school routine and is joining in with class activities. Well done keep up the hard work.

Group team building

A group of children have taken part in a team building exercise with Mr Shaw and Mrs T. Their aim was to stand a pole up, only using  a few resources. The children had to communicate effectively with each other to complete the task.

Farewell to Miss Swatman

Miss Swatman our student teacher leaves us at the end of this week.  She has been a great asset to class 2 and taught the children some super lessons.  They have written newspaper reports, star wars stories, diaries and instructions.  She has run a super art club and done a great lesson on air resistance.  The photographs show her teaching instructions and making a special space recipe.  Thank you form Class 2.

Homework Class 2

There has been some excellent homework yet again from Class 2.  The children have made rockets, designed aliens and researched facts.  Here are a few of those who have finished.

E-Safety in Class 2

Mr Hicks visited Class 2 to talk to us about E Safety. Mr Hicks told us about the different types of social media and games we can contact people and how they and we should behave when communicating with each other. It was nice to have someone from business link with school in this way. Kai and Lillie won the Easter eggs for listening well and asking some thought provoking questions.  A big thank you Mr Hicks from Class 2.

CSI afternoon in Class 1

Class 1 could not believe their eyes when they came back from dinner and their classroom was not as they left it! Miss Doney had brought her fairies in from home to show the children, but unfortunately the fairies decided to cause mischief over dinnertime. We have been very busy looking through all the evidence left behind by the culprits. We came to the conclusion that two Class 3 pupils were the cause of the mayhem, after they had been tricked by the mischievous fairies. We have seen some fantastic investigators in Class 1 today.


Class 1 E Safety

Mr Hicks visited Class 1 to talk to them about E Safety. Mr Hicks read a child friendly story that demonstrated the misuse of social media and how this impacts young children. Mr Hicks kindly presented Reuben and Izobel with a prize for good involvement within the discussion. Thank you Mr Hicks from Class 1.

Maths in Class 2

Class 2 have been doing problem solving in preparation for the Spring term maths tests.  They have been encouraged to us different resources to aid solving their problems and to make attempt independently. They children have been working hard.  In addition, they have been playing games like guess the number by asking mathematical questions.



Science in Class 2

Class 2 have been looking at different forces.  This week they investigated air resistance.  The groups designed different balloons with additional items such as wings or a nose cone to see if is would travel further.  It was difficult to decide which design was the best because although some were streamline, we felt that gravity had an effect on the amount of paper attached to the balloon.  In conclusion it was decide that maybe we should have another go next week with modified designs.

Instructions in Class 2

Class 2 were writing instructions in literacy.  They wrote an instruction how to make a wizard’s wand and to help their writing they made the wand.  Everyone needs to be careful because you could be turned into a frog!  Everyone had great fun.

Rugby in Class 2

Today Class 2 were playing rugby.  They started by doing a warm up, boys against girls.  The first team to 50 wins.  Unfortunately if you drop the ball your number goes back to 0.  They soon started to play touch rugby as it was the second to last time playing rugby.  Everyone enjoyed it.  By Kacey Year 3

Class 1 need wellies

Class 1 are going to be planting and gardening to bring some Spring into the outdoor area. If you have any children’s size spare wellies for us to plant into please could you bring them into school before Friday. Thank you Class 1.

Image result for planting in wellington boots

ICT in Class 1

Class 1 are really enjoying their ICT lessons. Today we have used the programme Purple Mash, this programme has lots of educational games that the children can access at home. We will be sending each child home with their login details later this week.

Burglar Bill in Class 1

What an exciting Monday morning Class 1 have had! We have had a burglar in our classroom who has stolen lots of items from the children. Burglar Bill got more than what he bargained for, when he realised that one of his stolen items was a baby. After acting out the story all the children made a wanted poster to help find Burglar Bill. The children are going to have to be extra aware this week as I feel this isn’t the last we have seen of Burglar Bill.

Class 1 Star Awards

The Star Awards this week have been awarded to Gabrielus and Zac, Zac has done some fantastic literacy work and made sure he used his phonics in his writing. Gabrielus has tried so hard this week in phonics and has made some good progress. Well done to you both, keep up the hard work.

Star awards Class 3

Well done to our star awards, good job on our BIG WRITE’s today!

Class 3 maths

We had a great maths lesson today; some children were learning about equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals while others were learning about multiplication and division.  Great work today guys!

Awards for February 2018

Awards for February 2018 were:

Class 1 – Ruby-Jo and Kaleesi.

Class 2 – Kai and Holly (plus a star award for Lottie for her homework)

Class 3 – Nikita and Ruby


Music in Class 2

Class 2 have been doing music with Mr Shaw.  This week they have been thinking about stories that would go with different types of music and learning to play the recorder.  It was a good week this week with some imaginative stories that match the rhythm and theme of the music, and good note played on the recorders.  Well done Class 2!

Class 1 Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Class 1 had a lovely afternoon at their Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Thank you to all the parents that came and joined in with the fun. We are looking forward to our next stay and play.

Class 2/3 Visit York – Tim Peake’s Spacecraft

Class 2 and 3 went to the National Railway museum to see Tim Peake’s Space capsule.  On arrive the children had an educational session on rocket to bullet.  There were demonstrations on forces and combustion engines.  Following this children had a tour around the railway museum and were able to see Tim Peake’s space capsule and spacesuit. The children really enjoyed their visit thanks to the museum staff and all the staff who supervised them during the visit.  Here are some of the pictures taken.

Class 1 preparing for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic

All the children have been very busy this morning preparing for the Teddy bear’s picnic later. They have written instructions on how to make a sandwich, jelly or crispy buns.They then made placemats and then followed their instructions to make the crispy buns and sandwiches. We cant wait to see the parents later.

Class 2 Investigation Friction

Class 2 have been carrying out investigations on frictional forces.  They used forcemeters to measure the force made between a shoe and different surfaces in Newtons.  They all worked hard and recorded their results and conclusions on their investigation sheets.

Diary writing in Class 2

Class 2 have been looking how to write diaries.  They have been completing a group task on time connectives to help prepare them for their Big Write.  They are going to write a diary as a Star Wars character of their choice. This activity shows some good group work.  Well done.

Class 2 Piggy Banks

Class 2 have started a new art project and finally got to take their piggy banks home on Friday.  Some still need to be finished but they are showing off their oink!

Class 3 and The Dogs Trust

We had a lovely visit from ‘Dogs Trust’ this week, we learnt a huge amount amount about how to be safe around dogs that we don’t know.  Thank you so much for the visit we really appreciated your time (and the freebie pen and leaflet!).


Class 3 Debate

In English this we had a debate on recycling, the pupils were learning how to listen to each others points and use the information and put a counter argument forward.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

Art Club

Miss Bailey and Miss Swatman have been running an art club on a Tuesday evening.  So far we have made colourful scratch pictures and tote bags for Mother’s day.  The children have really enjoyed the activities.

Class 1 Star Awards

Well done to Ellis and Ella for getting the Star Awards today. They have both tried really hard in literacy and re-written the story Traction Man. Keep up the hard work.

World Book Day

Well done to all the children for making such a great effort with their costumes. You all look amazing!

Class 2 – Dog’s Trust Talk

We had a visit from the dog’s trust tell us about the work they do and how to be a responsible owner.  The children asked some intelligent and interesting questions about caring for dogs.  They all received a certificate and sticker for their goo responses to how to keep yourself safe near strange dogs and what things can be dangerous for dog’s to eat.

Class 1 visit from The Dog’s Trust

Class 1 have had a special visit from The Dog’s trust. They have talked about the importance of looking after dogs correctly, including what to feed them and what toys dogs like to play with. Most importantly the children have been taught how to behave around a strange dog to keep themselves safe.

Maths in Class 2

Class 2 have been learning about multiplication and division this week.  They have learnt how to write numbers sentences/calculations in different ways and how to show their understanding using counters and drawings.  Keep up the hard work!

Class 2 Science

Class 2 are learning about forces this half term.  We thought about what we knew and discussed the different forces such as friction, magnetic, gravity, air resistance and water resistance.  Over the next three weeks we will be doing investigations looking at the effects of gravity, air resistance and friction.

ICT in class 1

The children in class 1 really enjoyed exploring the laptops. The children have learnt how to use a word document. Each group created a sentence about people who help us. We talked about using the space bar as a finger space.

Class 3 Star Awards

Class 3 have been working hard today with Mr Rowe. Erin and Thomas received star awards.  Well done to them both!

Class 1 Data Handling

Today the children have had a very active maths lesson. We have looked at data handling and how we can record our findings. The children set off in small groups to create their own table. Once this had been done they used resources they found around the playground to group and then count. The children really enjoyed working together to complete their charts.

Creative literacy in class 1

Class 1 have had a very creative morning. The children have been looking at the book Traction Man this week. We have explored the characters and the setting of the book. Today we have created some fantastic paintings of Traction Man. We have also made stick puppets to enhance our role play.

Class 2 Star Awards

Class 2 had a single word reading test at the beginning of the year and again this week.  All the children showed an improvement however the top three who made the most progress were Lillie, Holly and Evie.  Well done to all three.

Class 3 Star Awards for homework.

Well done to our star awards they were all awarded for their fantastic effort in their homework book.  Great effort everyone!

Music with Class 3

Class 3 had a great time with Mr Shaw in music today we were learning how to pass and remember rhythms.

Reading just for fun with Dave and Lewis.

Three of our pupils from Class 3  today had the opportunity to train and work with Lewis from the Charity Nice 2B Nice.  They had a fantastic time reading listening to the children read.  They did a fantastic job!  Thank you to Lewis who made our reading extra special today.


Class 1 Traction Man role play!

For literacy class 1 have been learning about the book ‘Traction Man is Here’ and the superhero adventures he experiences saving many different creatures around the house. Anything from saving stranded spoons, to recovering the lost wreck of the sieve. Today we decided that we would act out some of the adventures Traction Man undertook, so we went onto the playground and enjoyed some role play. The children thoroughly engaged within this experience, and were overcome with joy when we had to rescue our friends from the clutches of the evil dishcloth. The children are all now looking forward to learning about many other adventures Traction Man goes on further within the book in later literacy lessons.

A visit from Lewis

This afternoon we have had a very special visitor come into school. Lewis is a therapy dog who works with the charity Nice 2B Nice. Some of the children in class 1 have read to Lewis to help him with his on going training. The children really enjoyed reading to him. we wish Lewis all the best working with this amazing charity.

Class 1 star awards

Well done to Alfie, Summer and Oliver for working very hard this week and receiving the 5 star award.

Class 1 poddley

Today class 1 have enjoyed using the poddley. They have worked together as a team to produce their own water shoot.

Messy play with Miss Doney!

Today Miss Doney created a different tough spot for the children to enjoy. It involved different coloured rice with various tools to play with. As soon as the children saw all the bright colours and interesting textures, they raced to the opportunity to enjoy the new tough spot. We also created marshmallow play dough and peppermint play dough for the children to investigate. All these new smells and textures caused the feeling of excitement in the air to become apparent. The children are looking forward to the next wonderful and weird creation Miss Doney imagines for the classroom!

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