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Welcome to the Blog Page

Class 3’s update on Dance

Class 3 are really enjoying their dance lessons, thanks Miss Newby.  We are really starting to get the hang of things.  Hope you enjoy the video!


Big Write in Class 1

This week Class 1 have worked hard to change the What Ever Next story. They have used their own ideas to send Baby Bear on a different adventure. The children created some lovely detailed story maps and used their ideas to write their story. We’re very impressed with how hard they have worked this week, well done, keep it!

Class 1 star awards

We have given out 2 star awards in class 1 this week. The first went to Sidney for working really hard when writing the What Ever Next story and the progress he is making in writing. The second went to Reuben for a beautifully detailed story map of our changed What Ever Next story. Well done boys keep up the hard work!

Money maths in class 2.

Today Class 2 have been working with Miss Swatman looking at money and calculating change, we introduced the two-step function when buying multiple items. All children worked really hard progressing throughout the lesson.


The Solar System and Light.

Class 2 have been learning about the solar system and how we see with light from the sun.  They have learnt light travels in straight lines, about different light sources and different types of reflectors.  We demonstrated how we day and night happen and why we can see the moon sometimes.  Next week we will be investigating why shadows change size throughout the day.

Labels with Class 2

This week the children have been labelling diagrams in preparation for the Big Write. On Friday we labelled ‘Mr Shaw’. Hands – to support the children in their work. Ears – to listen to the children. Mouth – to explain how to do work. The children created their own labels and Mr Shaw was a really good sport for being ‘labelled’.

Spring 2018 ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Class 3

Just a quick hello from me, Mrs Rodgers.  This has been my first week at Paull Primary and I have loved every moment! I look forward to continuing to teach class 3.

Our theme for this term is ‘Tomorrow’s World’.  We have already started to learn about space facts in our topic as well as having a mixed age art afternoon on Thursday.  We are looking at science fiction stories and preparing and improving our descriptive phrasing ready for our first Big Write.  We are continuing with daily reading and spelling activities. In PE, we will doing hockey and dance, and some videos of our dance routines will be posted so watch this space!.  Science we will be learning about space and planets and stars.  RE will be looking at sacred places and they’re significance to those that use them.  In Geography we will be looking at the  the environment and how we should care for it.  Finally we will continue with our programming and using coding.  So let’s get ready for the fun times ahead!

Tomorrow’s World Craft afternoon.

We had a wonderful afternoon in our sports team making our own planets, we used newspaper, masking tape and paint.  Didn’t we do well! Other groups created symmetrical pictures and hand prints (more photographs added).

Happy New Year from Class 1

Welcome back and Happy New Year to all parents, carers and children from all in Class 1. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and well deserved break. This term our theme is ‘Tomorrows World’ and we have started in class 1 by learning about Space. We have started the theme looking at the story Whatever Next. The children made their own rockets and went into Space with their capes to see where they think Baby Bear could have gone in his rocket, they produced some fabulous writing after this. We look forward to seeing where this theme takes us next. 

Dance Club

We had our first dance lessons and club of the year.  Well done to Miss Newby our new dance instructor for a super club.  It was good to see some our our parents and an old pupil in our first parents and pupils club.  Everyone enjoyed it and we look forward to next week.

Awards for Dec 2107

Awards for December 2017 were:

Maths Champ: Class 1 Sidney, Class 2 Ezmie & Class 3 Ava

Writer of the Month: Class 1 Alice, Class 2 Harry & Class 3 Erin

Spring 2018 ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Class 2

Welcome back from the Christmas holidays.  This term our theme is ‘Tomorrow’s World’.  We have already started to learn about space exploration facts in our literacy with the aim of writing a non-fiction text in our first Big Write.  This will be followed up with some science fiction stories.  We are continuing with daily reading and spelling activities.  Those children who have supplemented their spelling practice with practice at home have been very successful when tested and are now incorporating these spellings into their writing.  In PE, we will doing hockey and dance, and hopefully will post some videos of our dance routines.  Science we will be investigating light and dark and forces.  Our artwork has already started with making of rockets and planets. RE will look at Faith founders and in Geography the environment and how we should care for it.  Finally we will continue with our programming on purple mash and learn how to communicate via email.  All the children have their own logins and are welcome to use any of the programs on purple mash which are both safe to use and educational, all you need is internet access.  There are plenty of stories to read on serial mash using the same login, please contact Mr Watson if you don’t have you child’s login details.  It promises to be an exciting term, so get ready for blast off!

Class 2 – Space Rockets are Launched

Class 2 have been learning about space exploration and the solar system.  In art they made some super rockets and planets whch are now display in our classroom.  Here are some of the examples.

Class 2 Hockey

This term in PE we are doing hockey with Mr Dunham. The first game we played to warm up was ‘bathroom tig’. After this we did some dribbling skills and then were put into teams. We played ‘pirates’ and had to dribble the ball to get gold and then the team with the most ‘gold’ won. We finished the hockey by playing small sided games. By Kaylah Devine Year 3.

Parents’ Evening Monday 5th March 2018 (3:30-7:00)

Next Parents evening – Monday 5th March.
3:30 – 7:00.

A list for time slots and names will be provided in school closer to the date for parents to book their appointments.
If you unable to make this date, please speak with the class teacher to arrange an appointment.

Star Award

Ethan received a Star award for acting with more maturity and make good choices both in the classroom and on the playground.  Well done!

Church Carol Service

The whole school managed to get to the final service at St Andrew’s Church, although it was a little damp on the way back.  The children sung beautifully and there was a great contribution to the nativity story from Class 1 read by Jacob and Lois.  Rev Philip West concluded with a pray and a big thank you goes to Mr Shaw for playing the church organ.

Visit From Santa

Santa came to the school and presented all the children with a selection box.  He visited all the classes with his elf helper and everyone told him their wishes for Christmas, although I think he already knew.


Class 1 Nativity!

Lois Chelu (Year 6) wrote this great report about the Class 1 nativity (which we all absolutely loved)

This week Class 1 have produced a wonderful play of the nativity. Everyone taking part did an amazing job at their stage positions and remembering their lines. There was two beautiful solos sang by Izzy Carlill (Narrator) and Lucie Webster (Angel). Mary (Kaleesi Gravell) and Joseph (Alfie Morris) did a great job at recreating the iconic couple. Thank you to Mr Shaw for playing the piano the whole way through and adjusting to the children’s voices. Also thank you to Miss Doney, Mrs Watts and Mrs Beadle for organizing everything and helping the children practise for the huge performance! Well done Class 1, I really loved it, as did we all!!!

Class 1 Nativity – Full Video

Here is the video of Class 1’s brilliant Nativity this year, big co congratulations to all involved as it was absolutely brilliant.

Pics and a write up written by one of our Year 6s to follow.


Star Awards in Class 2

A number of individuals in class 2 have received star awards for teamwork and their homework.  There has been some fantastic homework completed by the children.  We have shared their flags, family trees, recipes, quizzes and artwork.  It has been interesting and pleasing to see all the different things the children have done at home.  Well done!

Christmas Dinner

On Friday, all children, staff and some parents had Christmas Dinner altogether in the hall. There was songs, crackers and tonnes of food and it was great for everyone to sit, eat and celebrate together 🙂

Class 3 Star Awards

Last week, i gave out three star awards to members of Class 3. The first being for Shaun, Shaun has continued to impress me since starting in Year 5 with his beautiful and eloquent writing that he produces. He uses fantastic vocabulary, it is always excellently structured and he always sets the bar not only for the work he produces but for his beaviour and attitude in the classroom. Well done Shaun.

The second star award was for Max. I have been much more impressed with Max these last few weeks as he has been a lot more focused and is applying himself more in lessons all the time as well as being more productive and joining in more with discussions. Great work Max.

The third and final star award was for Tom. Tom did a super job in his Big Write last week, not only did he get his head down and behave impeccably, he also tried extremely hard to include grammar devices he wouldn’t normally use as well as focusing on improving his spelling and handwriting throughout. Well done Tom!

Kacey wins the National Grid Competition

Kacey won the National Grid Competition for naming the tunnelling machine.  The machine is tunnelling from the South bank to the North bank of the Humber to install a new gas pipeline.  The National Grid asked Paull Primary and Goxhill Primary to put forward entries and Kacey was named the lucky winner.  She named the tunnelling machine after Mary Fergussion the first female civil engineer in Britain and provided a picture of what she thought the machine would look like.  Well done to Kacey.


National Grid Letter

National Grid link to the project

Thank you Letter

Class 3 Pig Heart Dissection

Yesterday afternoon, Class 3 were fortunate enough to look at real life pigs hearts after studying hearts in Science for the past half term. Children had the chance to hold the hearts as well as look inside the different ventricles, veins and arteries to understand more about how the blood flows around the body and is pumped through the heart.

All the children were very mature and behaved very well. Big thanks to Mrs Davies for coming in and helping us as a big thank you to Mr Johnston for supplying the hearts.


Class 1 have started reading Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. We have really enjoyed finding out about Santa’s Ranch and all the elves funny names like Snozzletrump and Spudcheeks!

Class 3 Big Write

Class 3 have been working super hard this morning on their last Big Write of 2017. We have had lots of fun over the past few weeks looking at the Christmas adverts of 2017 and today’s Big Write is all about Paddington Bear & the Christmas Visitor! Hopefully parents will enjoy it just as much, when they see them next week! Thanks to all parents who write encouraging and super comments on the children’s big writes, you can really see them putting in that extra effort to make you all proud 🙂

Class 2 dance Beauty and the Beast

Kelly from The Space Dance Studio came in and choreographed the class 2 to dance to Beauty and the Beast (be our guest).  The children did a great job of the dance routine.

Class 2 Maths & Science

Today in class 2 we have been practising our division skills using objects, bar modelling and multiples knowledge to solve division calculations.  In the afternoon, we did an investigation into different electrical conductors using a torch circuit.  We found out that most materials that conduct electricity are metals, however the centre of an art pencil also conducts electricity.  We also learn about fair testing and make conclusions about our findings.

Star Awards in Class 2

The latest Star Awards were given in class 2.  They were given for great performances in French to Ethan, Maddie and Jasmine.  Also two were given to Tyler for tidying the boy’s cloakroom and some super reading.  Well to all of them.


Christmas Carousel

Our Christmas carousel this year was expertly organised by Mrs Threlfall.  The children were mixed into four groups to make different Christmas decorations and artwork.  Parents joined us during the morning sessions and we played Christmas songs.  It was a super day and many of the decorations were sold to raise money for school fund and FOPs.  It was enjoyed by everyone.  The only question was ‘Is November too early to start Christmas?’


Class 1 + Class 3 Christmas Art

This afternoon, Class 1 and Class 3 joined together to create some Christmas art to help make the school look more festive. They created wreaths for the doors and use paint with their fingers to create tree and light pictures. It was a great afternoon which allowed the older children to help the younger children and gave the younger children a bit more independence to work on their own art stuff. All children did a great job and the school is looking much brighter in time for Christmas!

Class 3 Maths

Today we started looked at fractions in Class 3 and to begin with we broke it down into really simple steps so the children could visualise what a fraction is and what fractions are equivalent to one another. They did this by making and building their own fraction wall. This will hopefully help embed the knowledge of fractions for the more challenging work to come.

Polar Express Night

On Friday evening, some of the children ventured back to school lifted out in their pyjamas and comfy things, some even brought nearly their whole bedroom! We all sat down together and watched the Polar Express. It was truly a magical evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! The kids loved spending time with their friends whilst eating pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate. Thanks to everyone involved who made it a super special night!!


On Thursday, the whole school took a short trip down to the Village Hall to watch a special pantomine put on by Chaplins. The story of Aladdin was enjoyed by all: children and staff. Loads of laughter, cheers and the occasional boo! A fantastic afternoon out, big thanks to FOPS for arranging it all 🙂


Christmas Crafts

If anyone didn’t get a chance to come to fair, or has had a change of heart or just wants another look at the Christmas decorations and crafts the children made, then you’re welcome to come into Class 3 to have a look and purchase some more 🙂


Electricity in Class 2

Class 2 have continued to learn about electrical circuits.  This week we made different circuits using components such as LEDs and buzzers.  The children enjoyed making the circuits and making a loud noise with the buzzers!

Awards for November 2017

The awards for November 2017 were:

Class 3 – (Maths Champ) Jacob/(Writer of the Month) Lois

Class 2 – (Maths Champ) Emelia/(Writer of the Month) Lillie

Class 1 – (Maths Champ) Stevie/(Writer of the Month) Jorgie

Courtesy Cup – Class 1

Awards for October 2017

The awards for October 2017 were:

Class 3 – (Maths Champ) Jasmine/(Writer of the Month) Shaun

Class 2 – (Maths Champ) Ethan/(Writer of the Month) Benjamin

Class 1 – (Maths Champ) Eve/(Writer of the Month) Reuben

Courtesy Cup – Class 1

Raffle Prizes from Christmas Fair!

Not all tickets were claimed and there are some prizes left over:










Prizes are in the office if you have one of these lucky tickets.

Crafts Club

Mrs Davis and Mrs Hicks have kindly volunteered to run a crafts club for the children.  It has been very popular and as can be seen from the photographs the children have been very productive.  The children have produced some super countdown to Christmas snowmen.

Celebration of St Andrew’s Chruch

Our yearly celebration of St Andrew’s church took place at the school.  Unfortunately, due to the weather we we unable to get to the church.  Rev. Philip West retold the story of Saint Andrew and when Jesus fed hundreds of people with two fish and five loaves.  The children beautifully sung a few hymns and Rev West concluded with a pray.  It was go to see a good turn out of parents and carers at our service.  Maybe next year the weather will be kind and we can have the service at the church.

Christmas Bazaar!!!

Tomorrow Paull Primary school will be holding their annual Christmas Bazaar!

The children were hard at work yesterday creating lots of amazing crafts including baubles and decorations as well as making some reindeer hot chocolate! All children’s crafts will be available to buy at the fair and will be priced between 50p and £1.

Local businesses are also coming to sell some fantastic gifts, items and stocking fillers such as hand made jewellery, cards, hair accessories, toiletries and cakes!

There will also be a festive photo booth, book stall, lucky dip, tombola, raffle and different games as well as festive refreshments.

Fun for all the family awaits as well as a visit from Santa Claus himself!

Please come and have a look around, doors open for the stalls @ 3pm and then the games, activities and refreshments start @ 3:30!

Can’t wait to see you all there for a wonderful afternoon 🙂

Electrical Circuits in Class 2

Class 2 have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits.  This week the children have made an electrical circuit for a torch and drawn the circuit using electrical symbols.  They used two pieces of tinfoil to simulate the switch.  The children enjoyed the activity and were all successful in making the torch circuit work.

Class 1 – Cold Places

In class 1 we are learning about ‘cold places’ and the Antarctic. This morning the children helped Miss Doney create a fantastic new small world tough spot.

Viking fm

Today Alex Duffy from Viking FM came to school to hear some of our best jokes as part of their 20 schools in 20 days. Our jokes were recorded and we hope that they will be on the breakfast show on Thursday at 8:10am (to avoid disappointment and missing the jokes you might want to listen to the breakfast show each day next week!) Thank to Miss Doney for suggesting such a great opportunity for our children to take part in.

Pizza & Polar Express Night!!

On Friday 8th December, children are invited to get on their pyjamas and comfy clothes and come enjoy a festive night of fun at school with all their friends whilst watching a Christmassy film. We will be providing, pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate for the children too!

Tickets are £5 and include all food and drink.

Doors open at 5pm and the film will probably finish around 7:30pm.

Tickets need to be purchased from the office before the day so we know how many people are coming for food orders etc…

See more info below on the poster and we look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Column addition Class 2

This week class 2 are learning how to do column addition.  To help them understand how to complete the method they have been using some grids and place value blocks.  The children have worked hard practising their skills.

Class 2 Star Awards

Three star awards were given out last week to Summer and Ethan for an improvement in their reading, and Tye for some super work and neat handwriting in his Big Write book.  Well done to all three.


It’s taken me a few hours to get this ready and uploaded tonight but I was so excited about doing it all. We had a fab day wearing pajamas, having fun at school and putting on our own talent show, we hope you all enjoyed it and had a great day. We raised just short of £100 for children in need so thank you all for your donations. Check out the video below with all the highlights of a really memorable day! Feel free to like and share with friends and family 🙂


Class 2 Problem Solving

The children in class 2 continue to use bar modelling to solve problems and a few have been very successful in using this method to improve their mathematical skills.

Target Club

Target Club has started this half term for five weeks coach by Mr Dunham.  It seems to have gone down well with all year groups.  Places are still available for those wishing to attending on a Tuesday after school.


Class 2 Gymnastics

This half term Class 2 are doing gymnastics.  They are already demonstrating some good skills in balances and rolls.

Start Awards

Well done to Alice and Jorgie for receiving a star award each this morning. The children were practicing writing the sound ‘x’ and Alice and Jorgie challenged themselves further by independently writing words containing x. Well done girls, keep up the hard work! 

Class 3 Topic – Aztec Timeline

This afternoon in Topic Class 3 were briefly introduced to the Aztecs, we looked at who they were and how they ruled and how they ceased to be. Children as a plenary created a timeline and you can watch that below.

Halloween YOUTUBE Video

Just before half term, children dressed up for Halloween and all had the chance to learn a spooky routine called the Monster Shuffle. Here is the whole school performance of the dance 🙂

Thanks for watching x

Homework this half term

Our topic is still ‘Our World’ for the rest of the half term up until Christmas! We were so impressed by the homework projects we received just before the October holidays with some absolutely incredible pieces of work done by the children!

This half term we have decided to give all children their own Homework Book! In this book you will find 9 different activities. Children can pick 5 of these activities to do and record in their book. The activities to choose from are also in this post below!! There is a great mix of things to try and do and children can put it all in their books, whether it’s written, typed or photos, we can’t wait to see what they do.

There will be chances for children to get support and time at school if it’s needed and work can be printed here if needed. There will also be chances for children to bring their homework books in to show the rest of the class any excellent work they have done to inspire other children. More information will go out about this at a later date.

Class 2 and 3 received their books today and Class 1 will get theirs on Monday, feel free to start and remember that 5 pieces must be done before the Christmas holidays begin and books must be handed in before we break up for the teachers to mark.

Good luck and have fun!!

Children In Need 2017!

As you may have already seen, an email was sent out tonight about Children in Need on Friday 17th November! All the children are very excited about the talent show and tickets will be available to get from Miss Nagy and the office first thing on Monday and then all week. Tickets will also be on the door so no panic! Looking forward to seeing all the performances and all the kids dressed in pyjamas, however, they can also wear children in need clothes and merchandise too! Check out the rest of the information below!

Class 3 Star Awards

This week in Class 3 we have given out 3 star awards.

The first one was for Erin who had created a fantastic homework project about the rain forest with a detailed project book full of wonderful facts and pictures. She also made her own bag too saying Save The Rain forest, great job Erin!

The next was also for a homework project! Tom spent lots of time making a project about different things in the world. There were great pictures and facts and it was all well presented. Great job Tom!

The final star award was for Ava, who has totally impressed me over the last half term and this week! She continually puts her all into everything and is trying so hard in all lessons. She works hard, doesn’t get distracted and is producing some great work and making brilliant progress, big thumbs up for you Ava.

Well done to all you super stars 🙂

Holme Ranger Visit

In class 1 we have been learning about Nocturnal Animals. On Tuesday afternoon we were very lucky because Holme Ranger came to visit us with some different Nocturnal Animals. The children really enjoyed learning about these animals and were brave enough to handle some of them.

Star Awards in Class 2

Charlotte and Kai were given star awards in Class 2 for handwriting and spelling.  Both children had practised at home which had made a huge difference.  Well done to both for their efforts.

5 ⭐️ Learning

Ella impressed us with her learning by 5 past 9 this morning! She came in and drew a picture of her family with labels of everyone’s names all by herself. Well done Ella keep it up!

Halloween Pictures


More pics of this afternoon to follow.

Samba Band!

Yesterday, the school took part in a samba workshop where they children learnt how to play samba music with different types of instruments. They learnt how to use drums, bells and different shakers and had great (but very loud) fun. Class 1 went first and practiced their performance then performed for the rest of the school then Class 2/3 had a good and performed for Class 1. They did a fantastic job and really enjoyed themselves.

Check out the youtube video of their performances in the previous post!

Here are some pictures!


We have been working on getting our Youtube channel up and running for ages now! Take a look at our first youtube video of the Samba Band Music the kids worked on yesterday afternoon. It includes all children as they all took part in the Samba activity!

Have a watch, give it a like and hope you enjoy.

As we are a school, we haven’t made the video public so you can only watch by following the link so please use this link below.

Enjoy 🙂

Class 2 Bar Modelling

Class 2 have been trying some bar modelling to help solve maths problems.  The children are practising their skills and are starting to use them in their problem solving.  Bar modelling is a pictorial representation to help decide on which calculations to use when solving problems.

Class 1 – ‘Poddeley’ outdoor construction set

Class 1 had a great time this morning unpacking our new ‘Poddeley’ outdoor construction set this morning. We had fun following the instructions and using fab team work to make an obstacle course, den and rocket. We’re looking forward to making some of the other ideas as well as coming up with our own.

Instructions in Class 2

Class 2 have been writing instruction texts.  The task was to create game using some rather bizarre apparatus.  Mr Rowe and Mrs Newby had to try out the children’s games.  The instruction text included; headings, bullet points, bossy verbs and a title.  Well done to Class 2 – very amusing lesson with quality learning.

Halloween Family Night

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone that came to FOPS Halloween Family night at Paull on Friday night!! It was so busy and such an enjoyable night and great fun was had by all! We managed to raise an incredible £190!! What a fantastic event and thank you all for your contributions and participation! ☺️

Our brand new school app!

Download our new school app!
If you have a smartphone you can download OurSchoolsApp for FREE. It is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information. It provides you access to school information at the touch of a button.
Please click one of the links below, depending on what type of phone you have, to download the app.

For Android devices:

For Apple devices:

Instructions for download:
1. Using your device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), visit the relevant marketplace for your product (Apple Store or Google Play).
2. Search for ‘OurSchoolsApp’ and download the app.
3. Once downloaded, us the search bar within the app and enter the postcode or the name of the school.
4. Hit the search button.
5. Once you see the school name displayed, just touch the screen on the school name.
6.Confirm your choice by pressing ‘OK’.
7. You will now be presented with the correct app for your chosen school which contains news, information, calendar events, contacts and any other relevant details.

Its so easy to use, has all the information needed and has everything you need all in one place!

Thanks 🙂

Star Awards in Class 2

Three ‘Star Awards’ have been given in class 2, all for problem solving in maths.  These were Jasmine and Benjamin in Year 3 and Lillie in Year 2.  Well done to all three.

Habitats in Class 2

Class 2 have been learning about animal habitats and adaptation.  We went out side to look for some minibeasts and returned to the classroom to research facts using the school laptops.  The children shared these facts with each other.  A great time was had lifting longs and searching the undergrowth with magnifying glasses.

Halloween Family Night @ Paull Primary

On Friday 20th October, there will be a family night happening in the school hall after school from 6-8pm! A giant quiz to do with all the family and see if you can come along and beat the teachers too!!

Halloween costumes are encouraged, the scarier the better 🙂 £1 per person and all money goes towards Paull Primary School!

Will be great to see as many as you as possible having fun with all the family, should be a great evening!!! 🙂

Year 6 Delivering the Harvest Products

This morning, Year 6 have been out in the village delivering all the wonderful products collected by you over the past few days for Harvest festival.

All the food was massively appreciated by all the people that received them and the Year 6s set a great example and did a wonderful job delivering to the elderly residents of the village.

Thank you for all your kind donations.

Class 2 Making Games

Class 2 have been designing and making board games.  They have followed this up with writing instructions for their games.  They enjoyed the activity and came up with some good ideas.

Class 3 Science – Skeletons

This term, in Science, Class 3 have been looking at Animals and Humans so this week we looked closely at the skeleton and its functions and role. Children in groups then had the opportunity to build their own skeleton using paper plates. It was quite a complex process with lots of drawing, cutting and attaching but they did a great job and got lots out of the afternoon!


Class 3 Topic – Chinese Lanterns

As I mentioned the other day, Class 3 have been heavily focusing on the culture of China the past few weeks and their customs and traditions. In art with Mrs T this week, the children created their own paper lanterns. It took lots of listening carefully and following precise instructions but they did a great job and here are some of the finished products.

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