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Welcome to the Blog Page

Church Service

The final church service for Year 6 was conducted by Rev Sue Pulko.  The Year 6 children read out their memories in between the traditional hymns for the our leavers and were presented with their own bible.  Mr Rowe read some of the staff memories of the children and the Reverent concluded the service with a pray.  Good luck to all the Year 6 on their next part of their educational journey.

Pop-up books.

This term Class 2 have been looking at Fact and Fiction, within this we have looked at habitats and nature. We have created a pop-up book to help classify the different living things, We finally finished these books and I have to say they look amazing! Fantastic work class 2, here’s a sneak peak.



Children in class 1 received star awards for the efforts during the transition day.  It was good to see how hard FS2 worked as Year 1.  Freddie Fit awards were given to a number of children for setting up an assault course for other children to play on.  Well done to everyone.

Forest Schools

Today the children have had a very messy Forest Schools session. The children have taken a particular interest in worms lately so we have made a wormery. First of all the children looked at a power point telling them all about worms and the purpose of them. Then we went outside to find and collect our own worms, this was very interesting. Once we had collected enough worms we came  inside to look at the worms under a magnifying glass. We then made a wormery using a large plastic bottle. The children will be watching the worms over the last week of term before putting them back outside.

Class 2 Golden time.

Last week for Golden time, as it was such a lovely day, we decided to take the class outside for some fun games of tag and Ally Ally In. The class played really well with each other and seemed to target Miss Swatman.

Year 6 transition day,

As the whole school had a transition day yesterday, Year 6’s (year 7’s for the day) had a great day talking about and addressing their worries for their new school. After this we were able to enjoy our afternoon and even had time to squeeze in a bit of reading with class one, both classes worked lovely together and read really well. 

Class 1

This week in Class 1 the children have been looking at different animal life cycles. We have focused on the life cycle of a butterfly. Yesterday the children enjoyed an art lesson creating some very colourful butterflies.

Transition Day in Class 3

A fantastic transition day with Class 3.  Mr Worsnop and Mrs Nisbet are really looking forward to September.  A super set of new Year 5 and 6 children.

Geography in Class 3

Class 3 have enjoyed learning about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. They have produced some fantastic written accounts of the event. Well done 🙂

June Awards

The monthly awards for June 2019 were given to:

Class 1 – Jorgie, Alfie and Oliver.

Class 2 – Eve, Benjamin and Kai.

Class 3 – Shaun, Tye and Evie.

Science in Class 1

This week in science in class 1 we have been exploring different habitats around the world. We sorted different animals into the correct habitat and then carried out some research in groups. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class.

Awards in Class 1

Class 1 have finished the Debutots sessions which were thoroughly enjoyed by the EYFS children.  All of them received a certificate for their hard work and enthusiasm.  The Key stage 1 children have been doing some mini tests for common spellings and minute maths.  The children who made the most progress received Star Awards, well done to them all.  It has been a very busy term and the children have coped well.


Athlete in school.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have David Smith come into the school and share his experience as a professional High Jumper. He talked to the children about his training programme, things that have inspired him within his career and problems he has had to overcome to get where he is today.

He awarded a number of children for their fundraising efforts, a big thank you to everybody who raised money or donated.

We then performed a few of the training techniques he uses day to day, this proved a lot tougher than first thought.

Class 2 Scavenger hunt

This week has been health week and we have had some very interesting lessons and discussions all about living a healthy life; eating well, getting outside and exercising. Yesterday class 2 took part in a scavenger hunt to find different types of food hidden around the school, they then had to correctly categorise them into the correct food group: Carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables, oils and butters and dairy. Class 2 did brilliantly.

Sports Day

Sports Day was a great success.  The children completed the more activities and in the afternoon finished with the running, relay, skipping and egg and spoon races.  The weather was kind and the children were happy and energetic.  There was a super turnout from the parents and relatives to cheer everyone on.  It was great to see a competitive edge from dads, mums and even the toddlers.  For the second year running, although with a smaller margin of victory, the red team won.  A great day had by all.


Healthy School’s Week

We have started our healthy school’s week and done some super activities.  Yesterday Class 1 had Hull KR in to deliver a healthy food and exercise programme.  Today we did a mixed group activities.  In class one there was dance based on the book ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ and the children danced various dances from the waltz to rock and roll.  In Class 3 the children did artwork based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who use fruit and vegetables as inspiration for the artwork.  Class 2 did artwork based on the human body and the things that were good for it.  In the hall we had Danny was doing some fitness testing to see how well the children have progressed with their fitness this year.  To end the day Year 4 and some of the older children went swimming.  A busy start to the week which the children appeared to thoroughly enjoy. Tomorrow we have a future GB athlete coming to school to talk to the children.


Class 3 Maths

On Thursday Class 3 had Mr Rowe for Maths.

They were set the ‘Towers of Hanoi’ problem:


The children had  to find a way of recording the number of moves taken.

They created diagrams using colours and arrows and letters … etc.

Very well done to all in Class 3.

Great problem solving, team work and determination.

William’s Den

Today Class 1 went to William’s Den.  The children got to play in the indoor and outdoor playgrounds and build dens.  They walked around the meadow collecting leaves and flowers making their journey sticks and artwork.  The had lunch outside and finished the day with an ice-cream. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves running, playing and learning different skills.  A super day.  A big thanks goes to all the staff and governors who helped supervise the activities and in particular Miss Doney for organising such a super trip.


Monthly Awards for May

Well done to all those who were given awards through May with all the SATS and other testing going on.  There were some great achievements in all the classes.  The monthly awards for May were:

Reading: Summer, Scarlet and Evie.

Maths: Beck, Ava and Drew.

Writing: Zak, Ethan and Lillie.

Driffield Tophill Low, Class 2 and 3 visit.

Yesterday, Class 2 and 3 visited Driffield Tophill Low Nature Reserve, thankfully the weather turned out okay and we had a fantastic time. Collecting pond samples and analysing the data, exploring the nature trail and mini beasts hotel.


EYFS Spinners

Today EYFS were read a story about the wind and in the story it mentioned sycamore seeds falling.  To follow-up from this the children made spinners that fall like sycamore seeds.  They enjoyed making them and testing their creations in school.

Football Awards

There were some football awards for the Year 3/4 tournament and from Hull City coaching.  It is great to see lots of different pupils doing well at football.  Well done to all of them.

Air Resistance in Class 3

Class 3 investigated air resistance.  They ran up and down the hall with sheets of paper to feel the air resistance as they moved.  Next they completed an investigation into spinners and what effected the rate of fall.  Finally, they tried to make a balloon more aerodynamic by designing cones or wings to make it fly down a string as far as possible. The all enjoyed the activities and learnt about a fair test and variables.  Well done Class 3.

Dogs Trust Visit to Class 1

We really enjoyed our visit from the Dogs Trust last week. We were involved in different role play scenarios which helped us to learn how to be safe around dogs of all shapes and sizes. Thank you Dogs Trust for also teaching us how to respect our furry friends.


Another busy day and night. Yesterday we had ‘low ropes’ which involves loads of team work and cooperation. The children were excellent! Then it was time for abseiling and we were ‘abseil’lutely up for coming down! (Typical cringy catch phrase). Again, the children were fantastic. So proud of them all. Evening entertainment was the disco. Some enthusiastic dancing followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows. Amazing time with great children.


The final activity of yesterday was ‘campfire’ where we sang silly sings, told funny jokes and toasted marshmallows. We all thoroughly enjoyed our first day – yippee!

A mega breakfast to get us through the full day of activities. Problem solving was first and scaling over an 8 foot way! Loads of team work and support. There were lots of challenges: mental and physical. Really good fun. After this it was time for archery. All the children did really well and hit the target – some even scored bullseyes! Well done to all. Lunch time next …… Jacket spuds or pasta with loads of accessories – yummy!

Cycling Day

Today we had an ex-Olympic cyclist Phil Bateman in to teach the children bike skills.  All the children enjoyed the actives which involved slalom, ramps, limbo and racing.  It was a super day for enjoyment and good weather.  Well done to all the children for doing so well.

Year 5/6 Residential

The Year 5 and 6 of Paull Primary arrived safely at Kingswood and first job was to have lunch.  This was followed by Lazer Quest and Aeroball.  The laser zone was great fun: dark and eerie and hot.
Then outdoors to cool off and onto the ‘netball on a trampoline’ activity.  Both activities were really good fun.  We were then taken on a guided tour before having tea: lasagne or pasta and garlic bread and salad and fruit and ice cream! Plenty of food and choice.  Next activity is camp fire – hopefully we will get to toast marsh mallows.  A great start to our residential.

Class 2 Big Writes

Today Class 2 completed their Big Writes in English, working on acrostic poems based on ‘The Lost Words’. Children chose a creature or flower to base their poems on, we then design some beautiful backgrounds to present our work.
The class worked so hard today, with some incredible outcomes.

Fantastic work Class 2. 

Class 1 Star Awards

Class 1 have been busy doing their optional SATs and assessments.  All the children have worked very hard and tried to achieve their very best.  Awards were given to those children who had super scores or made good progress.  These were Alfie Me, Alfie Mo, Izobel, Ellis, Alice, Oliver, and Sidney.  A super effort made by whole class!


Forest Schools

On Friday Class 1 took part in a Mini beast Hunt. The children were put into mixed aged teams. Each team had a team leader, it was their responsibility to organise their teams. Each team were given a sheet and they had to tick off each mini beast they found. The children enjoyed digging, looking under rocks and stones for the mini beasts. .

Star awards in class 2

This weeks star awards went to: Sophia; for working so hard in every lesson and putting in 100%, Kai received his award for contributing some brilliant ideas within English, Ezmie created 2 wonderful acrostic poems based on the spells from ‘The Lost Words’ she then read these beautifully to the rest of the class and Eve received her award for her hard work in maths- flying through the questions and moving onto extensions!

Well done Class 2! Great work.

Golden time.

This week for golden time, as it was such a nice afternoon, we took the children outside for different activities and to play with some bubbles- who knew bubbles could be so much fun?!

Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Paull attended this year’s Year 3/4 football tournament.  They did exceptionally well finishing joint second in their group winning 1 and drawing 3 games.  They had a penalty shoot out with Inmans Primary, however unfortunately just missed a chance to go into the third/fourth play-off game.  There were some great performances by all the children.  A big thank you goes to parents, the young sports leaders and South Holderness staff for helping put on a great event.  Maybe next year we’ll be back in the final.  Well done.


Awards for April 2019

The monthly awards for April 2019 were given to Zac, Ruby, Ethan, Tyler, Ezmie, Charlotte, Lucie, Kaleesi and Drew.  Awards were also give for the Year 5/6 football tournament for Erin and Shaun.  A big well to them all for their efforts.

Art in Class 3

Following their work on animal adaptation Class 3 enjoyed painting animal silhouettes 🙂

Class 1 Fairy Garden

During this half term the children have been busy preparing to create a fairy garden in their Forest Schools session. Today the children did the most exiting part and finished the garden ready for the fairies. The children have used fairies, unicorns and dragons, tiny lamp posts, post boxes, bridges, steps and fairy doors. I am sure your children will agree that this has been a magical activity. Hopefully now we have fairies at Paull we might get some sunshine.

Class 2 Science.

In science we have been making pop up books, yesterdays lesson we learnt about invertebrates- the children discovered that invertebrates make up more than 95% of the worlds animals. We then went on a Bug hunt to see which invertebrates the children could find within the school grounds. We found some woodlice which the class were able to identify as a type of land living crustacean. We then created the next page of our books, based on invertebrates, including a wheel to identify different categories of invertebrate.

Science in Class 1 (Animals)

In science this week we were learning about the different ways that we classify animals. The children worked together in small groups and carried out research upon the different animal categories. They then presented their findings to the rest of the class and were able to teach each other about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.  The children thoroughly enjoyed assuming the role of ‘teachers’ for the afternoon and sharing a number of interesting facts with each other. Well done class 1 on a fantastic science lesson.

Football Club

Football club has a good take up this year.  The children have been learning different ball skills before playing a match.  Hopefully, some of the skills learnt in the club and in PE lessons will be used at our next football tournament.


Yesterday some of the children took part in the annual orienteering event at Burton Constable.We entered 4 teams. The children were given a map and a fob.The children had to follow the maps and check in at at each check in point with their fobs. The children all had a great time running around and getting lost. Well done to Erin and Drew who completed the course in 11 minutes. Results 5th overall and Erin 9th individually, super results for the smallest school!

Class 3 Fundraising for Residential

  Today was Fact and Fiction Day for the whole school:) Year 5 and 6 had wet sponges thrown at them to raise money for their residential trip.

Freddie Fit Awards

Freddie fit awards have been given out for efforts in setting up games. It was nice to see these children involved in the activities and hopefully there will do lots more.  Well done Holly, Maddie, Jasmine and Emelia!

Freddie Fit in Class 1

The children were very excited to have Freddie Fit come and join us in school on Monday. They joined in with a number of different activities to practise different skills that they have learned. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and Freddie was pleased to see the amount of progress the children have made. Freddie awarded some of children with medals for their positive contribution to the day.


Year 5/6 Football Tournament

Paull attended the Year 5/6 football tournament with a very young team.  They played four, lost two and drew two finishing third in their group.  All the team played exceptionally well and six of them eligible for the Year 3/4 tournament.  A thoroughly great tournament played in a positive way, good refereeing and good football.  A big thank you goes to the South Holderness staff for putting it on, the help of their young leaders, parents for transporting the pupils and our office staff making sure we had our best team available.  Looking forward to the next one.  Well done to all the players involved.

Multi Phase Art

On Friday the children were put into mixed groups and they all took part in different art activities. The theme this term is Fiction and Non Fiction. The artwork was based on this theme. The children made dragons, unicorns and animal collage pictures.

Class 3 Star Awards

Star awards in Class 3:
Ruby and Shaun received the award for helping others in maths 🙂 Jasmine H and Ethan received the awards for writing a fantastic newspaper report. Well done 🙂

St Andrew’s Church Art Trail

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed their art trail at St Andrew’s Church this week. The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the history of the church 🙂

Freddie Fit Awards

Four Feddie Fit awards were given out for being active during lunchtime and playtimes.  These were given to Jasmine, Olivia, Ellis and Mason.  It is good to see the children being active and practising new skills.  Well done.

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