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Kacey’s visit – National Grid

Today I have visited the goxhill site where the boring machine (TBM) that I named is held. I was invited by the director to be the guest of honour. When I  arrived I had a short induction about the pipeline. During the induction I learnt that the TBM which I named cost £8000000! And the whole job is going to cost over £100,000000. That’s a lot of money. This tunnel is a very special tunnel as it is going to be a world record length tunnel. The area where the work is happening is a conservation area and I was so pleased to hear that all the local wildlife is very well looked after. The badger sets have been relocated and the water voles are carefully monitored by specialists. Once the pipeline is complete all the land will be put back to how it was ready for the farmers to grow a new crop. After the induction I had a site tour by the construction manger. I saw all the machinery and was lucky enough to actually go down to the tunnel itself. Not many people are lucky enough to see the tunnel. Each person has to be signed in and out. When I had finished the site tour I went back to the reception and had some dinner.
I had a great day and I am looking forward to going back to the visit the tunnel when it reaches Paull.
Year 3

Blog Posts

Easter Service

We had an Easter Service at St Andrew’s Church.  The whole school sung some familiar hymns and Year 6 read the Easter story.  It was good to see lots of the parents and carers attending.

Class 3 Debate

In English this we had a debate on recycling, the pupils were learning how to listen to each others points and use the information and put a counter argument forward.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

Church Carol Service

The whole school managed to get to the final service at St Andrew’s Church, although it was a little damp on the way back.  The children sung beautifully and there was a great contribution to the nativity story from Class 1 read by Jacob and Lois.  Rev Philip West concluded with a pray and a big thank you goes to Mr Shaw for playing the church organ.

Celebration of St Andrew’s Chruch

Our yearly celebration of St Andrew’s church took place at the school.  Unfortunately, due to the weather we we unable to get to the church.  Rev. Philip West retold the story of Saint Andrew and when Jesus fed hundreds of people with two fish and five loaves.  The children beautifully sung a few hymns and Rev West concluded with a pray.  It was go to see a good turn out of parents and carers at our service.  Maybe next year the weather will be kind and we can have the service at the church.

National Grid assembly for Class 2 & 3

The National Grid Engineers came into school to do a presentation about the tunnelling of a new gas pipeline under the Humber from Goxhill to Paul.  The children were fascinated about the project and being an engineer.  They asked some very interesting and challenging questions.  The presentation was excellent with Class 3 and some of Class 2 being able to use virtual reality glasses to view what the tunnel would look like.  To end the presentation the children were asked to name the tunnelling machine.  The criteria was it must be a female name (engineer’s superstition), linked with the area or science or engineering.  The children have drawn some pictures and thought of names at school although they can still do another drawing and name at home for the competition.  The winner either from Paull or Goxhill primary will be able to meet the engineers on site and have a tour.

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