This week we’ve been very busy in Foundation! In literacy we’ve been looking at speech used in our focus book for this half term ‘Funny Bones’, the reception children did a really good job of creating some speech based on a picture prompt and using their phonics to write the words. In maths we’ve been fine-tuning our numeral recognition skills and have started writing numbers by chalking on the playground and even wrote an equation on Friday in pairs! In maths this week we have also worked well in teams to play bingo and to do our sums.

We’ve been exploring our different outdoor toys by creating dens to play in and using the phone to talk to each other. We will be learning more about different forms of communication in IT next week. In our doctors surgery we now have medical supplies thanks to Zak’s mum. The children must think that Miss Lister is very poorly with all the bandages, medicine bottles, pretend injections and heart checks with the stethoscopes that she has received this week! Earlier this week we worked together to build a junk model Ambulance which the children absolutely love to play with. Alfie also made some fab junk model Armour and George made a brilliant fire engine.

This week we introduced a ‘Happiness Ambassador’ to the classroom. Each day a child is picked to be the Happiness Ambassador and gets to wear the special lanyard. Their job for the day is to be a friend to anyone who is sad or feeling alone. The children are so far enjoying the responsibility of such an important role.

On Friday we got to go and browse in the Book Bus, there were lots of interesting books to look at. It was lovely to see so many children excited about reading! Friday afternoon we also created skeleton pictures with craft straws, which looked very effective.

In other news, Makenna received a star award for being able to fasten her coat poppers all on her own and Codie received a star award for trying new food at lunch! Finally, Class 1 would also like to wish Miss Doney a big congratulations on the birth of baby James, we really appreciated our visit from them both on Friday afternoon!