Welcome back to everyone, we hope you have had a fun filled holiday. Class 2 have had a fantastic first week back with all of the children showing positive attitudes to learning. This term our topic is linked to the book James and the Giant Peach. The children have begun reading and answering questions on the opening to the story and have started writing character descriptions using noun phrases. Some of the expanded noun phrases the children have written have been fantastic, maybe ask your child to tell you an example of what we mean. We have started looking at flying machines in History and the different elements of moving books in D&T. The children have been very interested to look at the globes, we have discovered where the equator is and also the Arctic and Antarctic along with the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We had our first Talk session today and had a very interesting discussion about whether ‘Actions are more important than words’. For next week’s Talk session we are asking you to talk with your child about whether ‘It is wrong to refuse help’. This is part of their weekly homework.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to come and speak to either Mrs Holmes (Monday and Tuesday) or Mrs Watts (Wednesday,Thursday, Friday)

Autumn first half MTP