Welcome back to the new year in Class 1 and our theme until half term ‘The Human Body’.  We have some new staff in Class 1.  Miss Lister our nursery nurse, covering for Miss Doney’s maternity, and Mrs Gregory, Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Witty has also kindly volunteered to help our a couple of afternoons a week.  We will try to follow some of the same routines as last year with homework going out weekly including spellings, maths, reading and a new part, talk homework.  This will be a statement or question to encourage some thoughtful discussions outside and inside the classroom.  Children are encouraged to read as much as possible at home and will receive dojos for completing their reading cards.  If children could bring their PE kit in on a Monday and keep it at school for the week as PE will be on a Tuesdays and Fridays, although there maybe other opportunities.  If you haven’t already done so, could you please provide an email for the dojo program.  This will allow us to send information and photographs from the classroom.  The children can also use purple mash a safe and secure environment on the internet with some super educational programs and games.  Each child has a login and if you haven’t already got it can be obtained from Mr Watson.  Please feel free to talk to myself or Miss Lister about anything.  We will be holding some stay and play sessions for foundation and meet the teacher for Key Stage 1.  We are looking forward to some great learning and our exciting curriculum.

Class 1 Planning the Human Body