Happy New Year from Class Two, and welcome back! Our theme this term is ‘War and Peace’ which we hope will be a fantastic term filled with interesting lessons and activities. Literacy will include lots of different purposes for writing, beginning with World War One poetry- so far this week we have had some fantastic descriptive lines! Spellings will be tested every Wednesday, the full 25 spellings for the half term have been sent home. As you can imagine this term will include lots of history lessons to help explore the different, interesting facts surrounding both WW1 and WW2, along with this we will be working with the idea of peace and in Class Two we will be exploring more Circle Time- sharing and building relationships within the group as well as incorporating the idea of peace into some of our artwork. Homework will continue to be sent home on a Tuesday and expected back in on a Wednesday ready for our weekly spelling test and Big Maths and Big Writes will be sent home every fortnight for parents and carers to see the progress. It will be a busy term and we have lots of exciting things planned so keep an eye out as there will be regular posts of the children’s learning will be posted on our website, Facebook and twitter.